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Vice-Chancellor´s letter


Dear deans, directors, fellow colleagues,


Please take into account the following additional information with regards to decisions taken at Charles University this week.


The university’s stance on the directive issued by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic on March 10, 2020

Charles University is interpreting the Ministry of Health’s resolution (č. MZDR 10676/2020–1/MIN/KAN) from March 10, 2020 as a ban aimed at countering the spread of Covid-19 among students and staff in classrooms. It is by no means a sign to give up on or discontinue pedagogical activity or learning.

 A complete ban on university activities would mean that students in their final year of studies would be left at a marked disadvantage and would be unable to complete their education. Such a decision would negatively impact, for example, students of medicine soon to be entering the workplace. It is therefore essential that pedagogical, scientific and research activities at Charles University continue as before. The form of delivery has changed for the time being - from presentational to distance learning – but that is all.


The university workplace

It is paramount that all Charles University sites and workplaces remain open. Individual workplaces are not shutting down; simply, researchers and other staff are shifting the bulk of their pedagogical activities but will offer the same through distance learning. Individual forms of teaching, consultations, individual laboratory work can continue as before to meet goals set by individual faculties.

Currently, we are discussing the issue of student training at university hospitals with the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.


Study checks

Individual exams are continuing without change. Study checks ie. testing of large groups have been discontinued until further notice (for example, written exams) Individuals tests – such as state exams – have not been affected.


Dormitories and refectories

Dormitories and refectories are operating as normal but with heightened hygiene measures. We are asking students not to gather in larger groups and to focus on self-education. We are leaving it up to students to choose whether to return to their families’ homes but appeal to them to rationally consider the move so as not to put older relatives (grandparents or great grandparents) at risk.

Should you have any questions, please address those to Charles University’s crisis team at 


We are continuing to monitor developments and will inform you without delay about new steps should the situation change.


Thank you for your cooperation, continued dedication and a calm and rational approach.


Best regards,


Rector Tomáš Zima


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