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Achievements in the field of science

Research at the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen is mainly concentrated in its specialized workplace – the Biomedical Center. It focuses on infectious diseases (sepsis, antibiotic resistance of bacteria, prophylaxis of viral infection in transplantology), oncological issues in connection with experimental surgery, biocompatibility of materials, stem cells, neurodegenerative diseases and reproductive medicine.

The Faculty is active in twelve medical science areas of the “Cooperatio” institutional support program at Charles University. Cardiovascular Science, Dental Medicine, Immunity, Medical Microbiology and Infection, Intensive Care Medicine, Internal Disciplines, Maternal and Childhood Care, Medical Diagnostics and Basic Medical Sciences, Neurosciences, Oncology and Haematology, Pediatrics, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Surgical Disciplines.

Biomedical Center

The Biomedical Center is a division of the LFP. Unlike other institutes and clinics that provide medical education, the Biomedical Center is focused entirely on research. In this specialization, it is a unique institution in the West Bohemian region.

Lékařská fakulta Plzeň – Biomedicínské centrum

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Projects and grants

Research at the Faculty is funded from many sources. To fund its research, the Faculty uses grant programs of selected Czech ministries, grant agencies and European Union grant programs. Here is an overview of currently implemented research projects at LFP.