+420 377 593 565 (during opening hours only)


It covers all activities related to the issuance of employee and student cards and personalised cards for freelancers. The issuance of chips and non-personalised extern cards remains with CIT.

The Centre’s services also include professional photography, replacement of defective and lost cards, holographic re-stickers for ISIC/ITIC/ALIVE card license renewals and other related activities including the issuance of authenticated CAS passwords.

Opening hours

kampus alej Svobody; U1; 3.11
(in the premises of the International office)

Opening hours

Thursday8:30-11:30 (preferably for employees)
Every first and second working day of the month8.30-11:30 (preferably for employees)

Renewal of licences

Licence renewals (purchase of stickers) are also available at the Czech Study Department.

Important information

It takes approximately 15 minutes to issue the card. However, the card is not activated until the next day, until then you cannot use it to enter campus buildings.

Payment method

On the spot. Only by credit card via payment terminal.

CAS CU user accounts

The Card service center transmits the Verified Password to CAS. The password issued at the Card service center is valid for five days and you must change your password.


What do I need to get a new student card?
ID, a credit card to pay the fee for the ISIC/ALIVE card. Only full-time students are eligible for an ISIC card.

Do I need to bring a photo to get my card?
No, you do not need a photo of yourself, the photo is taken directly at the issuing centre.

Can I take my own photo for the card?
This option is not technically possible.

Is it possible to put any titles on the card in addition to my name?
No, only the name of each person is put on the card.

What should I do if I lose my card?
Please follow the instructions on the Notice of loss of card.
If the ID card is lost, stolen or damaged, the issuing center will issue a new card to the student. You must turn in the damaged ID card to the issuing center.
Reissuance of the ID card requires payment of the cost of a new ID card.

What about the discount for students on ČD fares?
You can read the conditions here

Is it possible to issue a student card before enrolling in the first year?
No, if you are not enrolled for the academic year, you cannot be issued with a UK ID card.

I was already studying at UK and was issued with a student card which I handed in at the Student Services Office. I am now studying at another faculty, am I eligible for a new card?
If your original card is 9 years or older, yes, you are entitled to a new card, which will be issued to you at one of our issuing centres.

If the card is under 9 years old, it can be reused at another faculty. In case of surrendering the ID card to the study department after graduation (interruption of studies) and restarting your studies at CU, you should pick up the surrendered ID card again at the study department where you surrendered the ID card. In the case of an ISIC card, have your licence renewed at the issuing centre.

Can I be issued a card if I am an international student?
If you are a student duly enrolled in a full-time study programme taught in Czech or a foreign language, you are entitled to both a UK student card and a UK student card with an ISIC licence.

If you are a student who is attending the UK on a foreign exchange programme, you are entitled to both a UK student card and a UK student card with ISIC/ALIVE licence. If you are only studying selected lectures/courses, you are eligible for a ‘UK External Service User’ card.

Can I be issued with a card if I am a Ph.D., Th.D. student?
Yes, full-time PhD students are entitled to a UK student card and may also be issued with a UK student card with an ISIC/ALIVE licence.

Can I be issued a card if I am doing a J.D., Ph.D., RND, PharmD, ThLic., ThD?
You are not eligible for a UK student card or an ISIC/ALIVE card as you are not a student but a participant in the rigor proceedings. You can, however, obtain an external user card for UK services.

How are employee cards and ITIC or ALIVE licences issued?
Issuance of UK staff ID cards and ITIC or ALIVE ID cards for all faculties and other parts of the UK takes place as standard at UK ID card issuing centres. Employees present themselves at the ID card issuing centre with proof of identity. The issue of the card takes place on the spot and on a waiting basis. When the card is issued, a photograph is taken and then printed on the card.

I am a participant in the CŽV course. Am I entitled to a UK student card?
You are entitled to a Lifelong Learning student card.

Central account and password management

Students and employees have an automatically created account in CAS, which is used to log in to the information systems of Charles University.