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What to do before entering the faculty


Take advantage of the offer of accommodation provided by Charles University directly in Pilsen.

Health medical insurance

The Czech Republic normally recognise all health insurance valid within EU. Nevertheless, you should check with your insurance office whether this is the case of your particular health insurance or not.

All students are obliged to have a valid health insurance during their stay in the Czech Republic.

Students from EU countries holding a „Blue European Insurance Card“ should register their health insurance cards at the VZP Insurance Company:
Sady 5.května 59, Pilsen
Tel: 952 222 222

This registration is for free. It is necessary and obligatory in order to get a medical care in the Czech Republic.

Please bear in mind, that your European health card insurance (or with the E111 form and Provisional certificate) don’t cover non-urgent treatment, or medically assisted transport home following serious illness or injury entitles and for these eventualities we recommend you take out extra medical or commercial travel insurance with an insurance provider in your home country.

Students from non-EU countries do not register their insurance cards and they solve the payment for medical services directly with their insurance company according their insurance conditions. (These students must have a valid international medical insurance plan, or they must expect to pay cash for all medical care.)

Student card

The student card allows you to move around the campus and its components, to apply for student discounts for meals in the canteen and cafeteria, but also to identify yourself in exams, atc.

Study Literature

Use the services of the faculty library, which has a wide range of study literature, journals and other study sources.

Students are informed by their teachers about books and any other things needed and required for each subject usually during the first lesson/practical of the appropriate subject. We fully recommend students to be present there. Our Faculty does not provide the students with study books. The students should find and buy the recommended study books themselves.

We recommend the Oxford Bookshop in Pilsen, Dřevěná street 8, 301 00 Pilsen, e-mail, phone  +420 371 651 029.

During October there is also a book-fair usually held at the Faculty.

Student user accounts

How it goes at the faculty

Registration of courses and timetables

By the enrollment to academic year a student is automatically registered to compulsory courses. Students register them selves to core electives curses via Student Information System (SIS). In the SIS there can be also found timetables, study results, exam dates, etc.

Learning Sources

There are several electronical learning sources and online platforms tu support your study.

Academic Senate – support among students

The Academic Senate is the body of the Faculty that decides on its operation. The Student Chamber is composed of duly elected student representatives. If you have questions about any of the policies of the Faculty or would like to be involved in changing them, please contact your Senators, who are the voice of the students.


Matriculation is an academic ceremony in which a student is solemnly admitted to the academic community of the university. It is compulsory for first – year students. The ceremony is not opened to public.