Lékařská fakulta Plzeň – studenti

The faculty has a number of associations and interest groups of students who are interested in improving the faculty, collaborating on events and communicating with the faculty. Many of them participate in educational events for the public, e.g. in the field of first aid, prevention and spreading awareness about the study offer at the faculty.


IFMSA = International Federation of medical students associations is an independent and apolitical institution covering 123 member organizations with more than 1.2 million medical students from more than a hundred countries. IFMSA was founded in 1951 in Copenhagen and is currently the largest and oldest independent medical student organization in the world. It is officially recognized by the United Nations (UN) and the World Health Organization (WHO) as an international forum for medical students.

IFMSA CZ operates within the Czech Republic at all 8 medical faculties. Each faculty has a so-called local branch, which is represented by the local president and 6 local coordinators. At the national level, there is an annually elected Executive Council consisting of a president, two vice-presidents (for internal and external relations), a housekeeper and a secretary. She is responsible for the running of the entire organization and communicates with local branches. In addition, her task is to present the organization on the international stage.

National projects of IFMSA CZ in Pilsen:

  • TBH (Hospital for Teddy Bears) – The aim of the project Hospital for Teddy Bears is to help preschool children get rid of the fear of “white coats”.
  • Movember – (named after the mustache + November = Movember) is an annual charity fun campaign aimed at preventing prostate cancer, testicular cancer and promoting men’s health in general.
  • WAW – World AIDS Week is a global health campaign aimed at raising public awareness of the threat of HIV infection and AIDS.
  • Surgical Suturing – These are surgical suturing workshops for medical students led by experienced surgeons
  • WHD – World Health Day (WHD), which has been celebrated annually on the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization on April 7 since 1948, is a series of activities around the world with the common goal of raising awareness of the importance of prevention and global health.

Local projects of IFMSA CZ in Pilsen:

  • A smile for everyone – We visit children’s patients at FN Lochotín and want to make their stay in the hospital more pleasant, to allow them to forget about their aches and pains for a while.
  • Christmas singing – a traditional event where both students and some professors of our faculty gather. The location will always be specified just before the event. Together we will sing all the most famous and some non-traditional, but still pure Christmas songs.
  • Dating and sports course – the so-called Adapter for accepted students of the 1st year of LFP. It takes place every year in September at the Horní Poříčí university camp.
  • Faculty Leech – Faculty Leech is an event where medical volunteers donate blood.

Medicus Pilsensis (MEPI)

The main goal of the Medicus Pilsensis (MePi) is to bring students together and to participate in the events at our faculty. Studying is demanding, so it is important to relax from time to time. This is the main reason why our association exists.
What we do for you
Evening visits. An evening lecture without teaching with a light atmosphere on an interesting topic. Our guests are interesting personalities from the ranks of doctors and teachers working at our faculty or across the country.
Infotour is an event organized by us for first year students. We meet our new colleagues on the Sunday before the start of the semester. Traditionally, we begin with a presentation with important information to start. This is followed by a tour of the entire UNIMEC complex and the adjacent hospital.
The Med Beanie is a traditional ceremony where we publicly receive and welcome first year university students among our colleagues and classmates.
It doesn’t end with the freshmen event. You can also join us for our board games, pub quizzes, bowling, film screenings and lasergames.
We run a faculty textbook exchange.
We represent our faculty at university events, ScienceFest, Day with Charles University and more. Similarly, we participate in events in Pilsen, at open days or the Careers in Health Care Fair.
Every year we participate as a society in the LFP familiarisation course for the first year.
Whether you want to visit our events or participate in them, check out our Instagram.

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Life Saving Support (LSS)

Life Saving Support – Association of voluntary rescuers is a student organization that has been active at the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, Charles University since 2007.

We are an association of students and graduates of the Faculty of Medicine and from the University of West Bohemia in the field of Paramedics, who are aware of the importance of pre-hospital emergency care. We do not want to learn the established procedures only in theory, we place the main emphasis on the practical application of the acquired knowledge, whether in the form of regular member meetings, extended extension seminars on specific selected topics, practice interventions or participation in national rescue competitions and tactical exercises.

Our main priority is to spread awareness of first aid and educate ourselves in emergency medicine and disaster medicine. We pass on the acquired experience and knowledge, both to new members of the association and to the public. To fulfill these goals, we regularly organize first aid classes at primary and secondary schools in the Pilsen region, train employees of local companies and cooperate with other institutions, associations and components of the integrated rescue system.

Association of Dentistry Students of the Czech Republic (SSSČR)

Karolinum – 23.4.2022 – Den celoživotního vzdělávání a Festival absolventů

The Association of Students of Dentistry of the Czech Republic (SSSCR) is a voluntary non-profit organization. The association is intended for all students of Dentistry and Dental Medicine throughout the Czech Republic. The purpose of its establishment in 2000 was to provide students with the opportunity of internships abroad.

The current goal is to help students in their professional growth, to offer them the opportunity to diversify their professional and student life and to create a good collective of the future generation of dentists in our country.

Exchange stays
Today, we are members of the International Association of Dental Students (IADS), through which we organize exchange visits for our students and foreign students. This allows any of our members to go on an overseas placement. IADS will then issue him/her with an internship certificate.

Science and research
The Standing Committee on Research and Education (SCORE) was established within the International Association of Dental Students (IADS) in 1993. The role of SCORE is to promote the development of the clinical, theoretical and research skills of dental students.

Scientific internships
Our organisation now gives students a unique opportunity to participate in research through international research internships organised by the IDRP (International Dental Research Programme). This programme now involves 14 countries with unique research projects. The IDRP, like other exchange programmes, operates on the basis of a bilateral agreement. Students who will have the opportunity to participate in the project will be selected according to their abilities by the project leader. A team of National Scientific Officers and Local Scientific Officers are responsible for the management of the whole programme and the smooth running of the internships.

Seminars and lectures
The SSSCR represents the interests of the students to the professional and lay public. We cooperate with the Czech Chamber of Dentistry. We organise educational events for our members, where we make sure that they can try out new materials or procedures in practice. We also try to provide students with discounted admission to seminars and lectures.

Prevention programmes
We pass on our experience and knowledge through prevention programmes such as In a Healthy Czech Republic, Healthy Teeth and World Oral Health Day. On these days, students present their extensive knowledge of oral hygiene to the general public, discuss it with them, answer their questions, and teach them new methods and techniques.

Social events
Last but not least, it is our dear duty to organize social events, such as the Congress of the SSSČR, which takes place in Brno, the Listerine Waves, where the Vltava River is rafted for 5 days and in the evenings training in paddling camps, or the Herbadentura hiking event, where students are trained in good oral hygiene during hiking trips in the countryside.

Kristýna Št’astná
Charles University, Pilsen
Phone: +420 775 336 002
E-mail: prezident.ssscr@gmail.com

University community HORA

We are a group of mostly Catholic university students studying in Pilsen (ZČU, LFP UK), who meet regularly every Wednesday from 7 pm for Holy Mass in the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Františkánská Street. After the Holy Mass, a program with light refreshments follows from 8 p.m. in the adjacent hall.

The program usually consists of lectures with debate on various moral, philosophical and spiritual topics, but also chats, playing board games, etc.

Each academic year is opened at the beginning of October with the Veni Sancte Mass and ends with the Te Deum Mass at the end of June.

In addition to the weekly Wednesday meetings, the association also organizes various social and sports events, such as the opening weekend Get on event, New Year’s Eve with Hora or the weekly holiday Chill out. In addition, we also go skiing or water skiing on the weekend.

Anyone under the age of 30 can become a member of the association. You can apply for any event of the association, but membership is not a condition for participation in joint events.

Contact: klubhora@gmail.com

Medici v akci

Medici v Akci is a group of people who take care of organizing parties and similar events mainly for LFP UK students. We are only a young organization, the beginnings of which date back to 2012. Our mission is that every event that takes place under the auspices of or in cooperation with our association is unique, and therefore we put as much creativity and ideas into each one as possible.

Our organizing activities are not limited exclusively to events created by us. We like to cooperate not only with other associations, but with the entire faculty. In the past, we participated, for example, in the Representative Ball of the Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University in Plzeň, the Garden Festival, hockey and football matches, including the after-party. We are also no stranger to cooperation with Medicus Pilsensis and IFMSA associations.

Doctors in Action are here for you. Do you have ideas, comments, questions? Or don’t you want to miss our Wednesday parties?

Akademici Plzeň

Are you going to medicine and don’t want to give up hockey? You have a chance with us. We are a university hockey team made up of students from the Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University in Pilsen and the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, playing in the Czech University Ice Hockey League.

International student organization (ISMAP)

Our goal is to create connections between international students and the faculty in order to improve mutual communication. We inform our students and work with the faculty to meet the wishes and needs of the students.

In addition, ISMAP regularly organizes various events, from sports to seminars, and thus fills the free time of foreign students. If you are interested in us, do not hesitate to contact us on Facebook or via email.

Medici na ulici

Medics on the Street is an association of medical students that aims its activities at supporting homeless people. The association ensures the continuous operation of the dispensary, goes out into the field regularly, cooperates with social workers and charitable organizations. The care provided focuses on basic treatment of acute or chronic wounds, health consultations, or efforts to organize needed care. MNU’s work is based primarily on non-judgmental acceptance and empathy. Funding for the project is mainly provided by donations from voluntary donors or charity collections.

E-mail: mnuplzen@gmail.com

Faculty band

We are a group of LFP UK students who share the joy of music, there are professionals among us, but also enthusiasts, the important thing is that we enjoy it together. We try to represent our faculty at various faculty events, such as MedFest, Christmas Singing, Garden Festival. Sometimes our ranks are supported and enriched by someone from the faculty, doctors or staff, for which we are very happy! We have also played at events such as Heyrovsky’s Hammer and Šafácké sudy. We meet regularly once a week during the semester in the Saffron Pavilion.
If you want to come and watch, play and possibly join us, drop us a line, we’d love to meet you :).

Kolejní rada

The Pilsen Residence Hall Council Association is a group of students that aims to improve the quality of the residence halls while making the students’ stay more enjoyable. We focus on organizing introductory and teambuilding dorm events such as the Freshers’ Welcome, various forms of quizzes, screening evenings with different themes. Amongst other things, we also organise larger events such as ŠAFácké sudy, Heyrácké kladivo and Heyfest on campus. We are also involved in organising college-wide events such as MEDFEST and MEDPLES.