Payment portal for tuition fee in CZK

General information

Only for students who pay their tuition fee in CZK

Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, has partnered with Convera, the specialist provider of international payment services, to provide you with a simple and cost-effective method of paying University fees (tuition fee etc.) in your own currency.

This online application will allow you to:

  • Pay CZK fees (tuition fee) in a currency of your choice using domestic bank transer
  • Use time and cost-effective payment medhod and minimize your banking fees
  • Promptly allocate your funds, saving your time and money
  • Send your payments in fast and easy way vie user-friendly online application
  • Faculty will be credited the full amount in their domestic currency

Convera does not process payments from or involving Russia, Belarus, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Crimea/Donetsk/Luhansk regions of Crimea and Syria as a matter of company policy, regardless of whether such payments are permissible under any applicable sanctions regulations.
That involves payments initiated from third parties located outside of sanctioned jurisdictions that will be ultimately benefiting individuals or entities in sanctioned countries, such as Russia, Belarus, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Crimea/Donetsk/Luhansk regions of Crimea and Syria.

Through experience, we know that making international payments can be a long, costly and complicated process. That’s why we are working with Convera to provide you with a quick and simple solution which helps avoid delays and expensive bank charges.

Key benefits

1. Understand your costs – know exactly how much you are paying in your home currency, at an exchange rate secured for 72 hours.
2. Peace of mind – have confidence that your fees will be received on time, usually within two working days.
3. Flexible payment methods – you can pay using online banking, over the phone or via a local bank.
There are no additional transactional charges from a university or Convera, though you may be charged a transaction fee by your bank.

By using this service you avoid or signifi cantly reduce the costs of making/receiving  international payments.

How does the service work

• Access the University international student payment portal through the university website. Enter your student information.(Student ID, Name, Email). Enter the amount due in CZK.
• Choose your home country and desired currency. This will automatically convert your fee amount to your currency choice. You can send currency also without conversion.
• You will instantly be quoted an amount to pay. This amount will be valid for 72 hours.
• Accept the conditions of use & confirm that you want to proceed.
• You will then be emailed simple instructions in PDF format detailing
where your fees need to be sent in your home country. These instructions will contain an important reference number that you must use when making your payment. This reference number enables us to quickly associate your payment with your university student account, which speeds up your payment process.
• You then make your payment (using your reference number) through your bank. You may do so using online banking, telephone banking or in person. The instructions emailed to you may be forwarded to a family member if they are making the payment on your behalf.

Once payment has been received, your university will be advised and the payment will be applied to your student account. Student/You will receive a confirmation about applied payment.


1. Why is this form of payment advantageous? Payment through our online system is fast, cheap, reliable, simple, controlled, secure and automated. You can safe money on fees and also on competitive exchange rates with our favourable rates. University will receive 100% of the sum transferred, there are no other deductions. The exchange rate is fi xed and will not change during the period of transfer.
– You make the payment in the currency of your choice
– There are NO transaction charges from Convera
– Your bank fees could be reduced if you pay by local transfer
– The exchange rate is valid for 72 hours
– Payments received by your school or your university include your student reference, so they can be easily matched against your admission fi le

2. When do I need to send money for transfer from my bank?
Whenever you need to make a payment to your school or university. It is important so you make the payment within the same day of confirmation in order to allow up to 48 hours for bank transfer. Only than can be guaranteed the 72 hours period for fi xed rate when transaction must be credited to Convera account.

3. When will be money transferred at the university account?
As soon as you approve the payment and send the funds from your bank, Convera releases funds to your school bank account. All payments are processed as soon as possible, upon funds received, usually on next day or two = 1 SBD (standard business day) after receipt of funds.

4. What security is there on the non-payment part of the payment platform?
Unlike many other websites, our platform uses the same level of security as online payment services. To ensure every piece of information is safe we employ Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and display a valid security certifi cate on all pages. SSL is a process that encrypts all your personal information so that it travels across the Internet in an unrecognisable form. No one can intercept it. To ensure that SSL is functioning look for ‘https’ in the address bar – s for ‘security’ – and/or the closed padlock icon at the bottom right of the browser status bar.

5. Payments may be safe but what about personal information?
Our platform uses a very limited amount of information about you and it is for the sole purpose of administering your account. No information will be released to any other organisation. The Data Protection Act 1998 ensures the protection and care of personal information. This means that any information you give us electronically will only be used for the purpose you intended.

6. Could my sponsor/parent make the payment? Yes. Students enter all their information in terms of delivery of confi rmation. They provide their names and email addresses, but also the address of the parents or sponsors, so they are provided with the payment instructions as well.

7. How and when to make a payment? You log into University website or link which you have received from the university – online application and choose to pay by Foreign Currency, you pay in your home currency. You send payment in your chosen currency to the account stated on the confi rmation and University is credited the full local currency amount.

8. How does validation of rate works? Rate is locked-in (valid) for 72 hours by which time the currency must be transferred to the Convera bank account.

5 steps user guide

1) Connect to the platform and input your personal details
2) Select items for payment, requested amount in CZK
3) Select country/currency for payment, or preferred currency
4) Confirm the payment details
5) Make payment from your bank using provided instructions