Help with teaching and promotion and get a range of benefits

Take advantage of the opportunity to earn credits, sixth grade points and a cash reward. As part of the SPPC elective, you’ll be involved in creating teaching materials, assisting with face-to-face teaching, making audio/video recordings of conferences, subtitling videos, or completing your own projects.

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We will teach you everything

The e-learning team will teach you how to use the necessary technologies, introduce you to the processes, lend you the necessary equipment and assist you to complete the course successfully.

What can you get?

a) credits
You will receive 3 credits for successfully completing the SPPČ course in one semester. For both semesters you will receive 6 credits.

b) a financial reward
Each activity is additionally financially rewarded.

c) advantage for the sixth year
Students in Waves 4 to 6 can gain a sixth year credit each year in the SPCP.
Further conditions are explained in the relevant dean’s policy.

Conditions for fulfilling the object

In order to meet the credit requirement, a minimum score is required each semester, which the student will become familiar with at the beginning of each semester. The score is derived from clearly demonstrable outcomes of the student’s activities and is calculated according to a transparent methodology. Further information for the award will be communicated at the induction meeting at the beginning of each semester.

Do you need more information on the subject of the SPPC?

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