May.4, 2015 1964 mik

Minutes from SF - 29.4. 2015

Faculty members present: Doc. MUDr. D. Müllerová, Ph.D., Ing. M. Klečková, Ing. B. Černíková, Mgr. M. Mičan

Present representatives of student associations: MUDr. Mgr. M. Miklíková (senát, LSS), J. Brychta (senát, LSS, WikiSkripta), L. Vítková (HORA,LSS), Poláčková E. (HORA), M. Černá (IFMSA), J. Razima (MePi), Fanta D. (SSSČR)


1.     Finances for student associations (Mičan)

The present representatives acquired a table with promissed financial support for each student association. However, this support will not be given as stipendium – before every planned eve,., it is necessary to disscus with Ing. Ratajova what the associations pretend to buy with the financial support. Ing. Ratajova will then help to find the best way how to do it (pay the invoice, give money in advance to students or payback the papers from shop).

The Faculty also gave 8 000Kč for all student associations for printing. Every association has to choose one person responsible for printing, and his/her name will be anounced to faculty. Printing will be done by the company Precomia.


2.     Garden party (Černíková)

This years topic will be „Wild west“. Organization will be done by Medici v akci in cooperation with faculty.

3. New textbooks for library (doc. Müllerová)

Faculty wants to buy new books for the library. For this reason, students were asked to vote one book per subject which is the most important for them. Students shall make a survey about it.


4.Music festival Rock for People (Černíková, Mičan)

Students were asked to send some representatives tp Rock for People festival (going to be held in July). More details will be given in the next meeting.


5. First experiences with rector grant (L. Vítková)
LSS has sent two requests for financial support to university rector. Minimaly one request per faculty has to be supported. If any other student association wants to ask rector for money, they will have to register its association first. 


6. MiniPilsen (M. Mikliková), 

Pilsen, as capital of culture, will organize in three weeks in July special event for kids. In TJ Lokomotiva will be built a city from paper (bank, post,...) and kids can go there and pretend they work there. In the last week there is a chance of having also a „hospital“. If so, students need to come up with some activities for kids.

7. Points for sixth year for czech generals (J. Brychta)

 There was an agreement that student representatives have to rethink the point system. In some criterias, there is need to set a maximum amount of points. It will be further disscussed next time.


8. Varia

  • On 5.5. from 9:00 hr. the dean and vicedean meeting will take a place on SAFraneks pavilon and all student associations have a chance to present themselves there. Together we have 15min (it means 2min each association = 2 powerpoint slides)
  • On 5.5. also at  Safraneks building, at 14 p.m.. there will be lecture of host professor from Italy about relationship between fat and muscles (40minutes). We were strongly recomended to participate in huge number.

Wrote Jan Razima

Translated Michaela Miklikova

Corrected Ines Pina

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