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Summer Practice and Volunteering

Due to the extraordinary situation caused by the Covid-19  epidemic,  you volunteering in connection with Covid 19  will be accepted as a replacement of your Summer practice.

See the attachment please.

Volunteering can be performed for social services, in cooperation with the Red Cross or in health care. 

Students are highly recommended to conclude a contract with an organization providing assistance to fellow citizens in need, such a contract is necessary in healthcare facilities.

For the replacement of Summer practice of General Medicine Course after the 2nd year, it is necessary to perform provable volunteer activity for 3 weeks, for the replacement of Summer practice after the 4th year for 4 weeks. For the Dentistry program the volunteer activity to replace the Summer practice after the 2nd year has to last for 1 week – 5 working days and after the 3rd year for 2 weeks – 10 working days.

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