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Information for the study from 11/26/2020

Dear students, dear colleagues, 

The Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Pilsen has switched to full-time practical teaching, lectures in this semester will be completed by distance learning. The individual guarantors of the subjects determine the conditions for the fulfillment of study obligations, taking into account the current epidemiological rules, conditions at the workplace and the possibilities of teaching and the presence of students in teaching. It is possible to continue the teaching in a hybrid way, but the preferred form for practical exercises is the full-time form. A uniform procedure for the control of study obligations (conditions for obtaining credit) will always be determined for the subject, with which the teacher will acquaint himself in his subjects so that a uniform approach will always be maintained in the given subject. The uniform approach is set by the subject guarantors also for students studying in English. 

In the attachment it is possible to look at the change in the organization of the academic year, which was sent for approval to the Rectorate of Charles University and was approved by the Rectorate. The change concerns the extension of teaching in the winter semester by two weeks, practical teaching according to the valid schedule will also take place in the weeks from 11 and 18 January. The amendment serves to supplement practical teaching in person, in the period from 4 January, hybrid teaching will no longer take place and personal participation in practical teaching will be included by the guarantor in the conditions for fulfilling study obligations. 

At the same time, all students who are deployed in health care facilities on the basis of work duties or systematically perform voluntary health care work in hospital facilities are recognized as a substitute for teaching, without the need to replace such teaching. Volunteer work will also be recognized as a substitute for Summer Practice after the 2nd year or after the 4th year, if its duration is at least 120 hours. This also applies to citizens of other countries who work in this way either in the Czech Republic or in their home countries. In order to be recognized for teaching compensation, it is necessary to submit a document confirming work activity in a given period by a work report issued by the employing organization and the department. In the next two weeks, a schedule will be set for the 5th year of the general direction to replace practical block teaching for the study groups most affected by the restrictions on block practice at the patient's bedside.

To add: As the nature of teaching differs fundamentally in individual subjects, it would not be possible to set a central regulation other than to make participation in practical exercises compulsory in person. For this reason, a faculty-wide order uniform for all subjects and fields cannot be issued. 

Prof. MUDr. Jiří Ferda, Ph.D.
Charles University
Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen
The Vice – Dean for education of General Medicine

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