August 16, 2021 691 dvomi

What's going on at the construction site?

Facultas nostra 2021, 6 (June) 

I'm going to start today with a question I get a lot: "Why did they destroy the sidewalk in the alley from University Hospital to Academic Square?" So I take this opportunity to answer it. The relocation of the pavement was planned from the outset because the first stage did not include a design adequate for the fact that this road is also a firefighters' road. Thus, the entire northern part of the alley and the entire academic square will be relaid with the appropriate material, but do not worry, we will not throw away the existing pavement and will use it for other pavements.

Most of you have the opportunity to see the outer parts of the construction site, so you can see that the builders are installing windows, work is underway on roads, retaining walls and sewers. And what's going on inside? The installation of the partitions is continuing, the first three floors have already got a concrete floor - the roofing is still to come. At the same time, work is being done on the internal sewerage, water supply, power and low-current and other services, toilets and showers are being tiled.

The contract for the dean's office and canteen wing was signed in December last year, and now the work on this part of the building is also finished and work is beginning inside, as in other parts of the building. I am very happy that the future users are coming to see the new building and I am even happier that most of them are leaving with the fact that they are looking forward to the new building. Of course, the construction is being monitored by the management of the faculty, as an important project within the whole university, it is also receiving attention from its management, and so we were able to welcome the Bursar of Charles University Tomáš Horáček, and the Vice-Rector Prof. Milena Králíčková. 

In addition, we continue to prepare the equipment. The tender documentation for the contracts for teaching, laboratory and office furniture, for the equipment of the autopsy ward, as well as for the catering equipment has been completed. The documentation has now been sent to the Ministry of Education and Science for the necessary checks and the procurement will then be launched so that we can start equipping the building in spring 2022. We are also working on an information and orientation system for the building. In connection with this, the question comes to the surface - what will we call the buildings on campus? The Biomedical Centre is pretty clear, but what about the existing theoretical institutes and the building that is being completed? Will it be UniMeC I and UniMeC II, or building "A" and "B" or "old" and "new" or, as was the custom with the existing buildings, will we name them after prominent personalities...? Any ideas? 





Text and photo by Libor Koci