February 22, 2022 172 dvomi

Inauguration speech of the re-elected Dean prof. Fínek on 25 February 2022

Facultas nostra 2022, February (editorial)

Your Magnificence, spectabiles, honorabiles, cives academici, ladies and gentlemen.

It is a great pleasure for me and for the whole Faculty to meet the two most respected persons of our University on the occasion of my inauguration for the second term of office as the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen.

When I assumed office four years ago, I was supposed to decide whether we should launch the second stage of the construction of our new university campus and risk a budget deficit and the threat of a torso of unfinished construction, or whether we should give up the idea of the campus and the university square. The one who inspired me to make a bold and from today’s perspective the only right decision and the one who gave me a part of his own courage was Rector of CU, a friend of mine, Tomáš Zima.

Dear Tomáš, each time you see the name of Pilsen, our Faculty logo, me or my successors, you might think of Horatio’s words “exegi monumentum aere perennius”. The construction of UniMec II would never have been completed without you, your support or help with negotiations on every level of the state administration. We are all very much grateful to you and it will be a great honor for us to invite you to the opening of the new campus.

In six days a lady, who became immortal right at the moment of her election, will take office as rector of CU. The first woman in the history of our ancient university, prof. Milena Králíčková. I would like to assure you, Milena, that as we supported you during the election, now you can rely on us, on our Faculty and on me personally. You will always remain our Milena.

Our part in realization of the University conception, in representing its name and its international renown represents our Faculty’s commitment to the University. Our Faculty respects the basic University values and reminds me of a well-bred and loyal daughter who does her best to please her mother. It is not up to us to judge our achievements; nevertheless even a strict mother would not ignore the increasing publication activity mainly of the Biomedical Center, reorganization of teaching, the numbers of new associate professors and professors and implementation of regulatory decision-making process.

I am much obliged for supporting the Faculty development to you all, to my collegium, the dean’s office and especially to Ms. Klečková, the Faculty Secretary, whose coldblooded numbers and tables bring our genius scientific ideas back to earth. Moreover, special thanks go to the students who activated themselves during the culminant pandemic wave and virtually saved our public health. They sacrificed to the pandemic the most precious things – contact with their schoolmates, their colleagues and the possibility to enjoy their university studies.

The Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen and the University Hospital in Pilsen are interconnected and dependent on each other, they cannot function independently. The Faculty highly appreciates the excellent cooperation with the Hospital management and their support of the clinical training.

The Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen contributes significantly to the creation of the University City and is crucial for generating its atmosphere. The Faculty cooperates closely with the University of West Bohemia who has produced top managers of our Biomedical Center. Our students and their diverse club activities create a positive public image of our Faculty even beyond Pilsen.

The upcoming four years of my term of office will definitely be even more hectic and I think they will seem much shorter to me. The reconstruction of Šafránek pavilion and the finalization of the university square lie before us. These are the less demanding tasks; a greater challenge will be the education of young assistant professors and associate professors, management of the teaching of theoretical fields of study, raising the number of graduates and finalizing the reorganization of teaching. This all will happen in a period, which will go down in history due to its uncertainty, if there still will be someone interested in the history in the future.

The Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen is well prepared for this period. Its academics and scientists represent a precious and highly motivated team.

Let me go back to Horatio, this time to his ode XI. Instead of “carpe diem quam minimum credula postero”, in Pilsen at the Faculty of Medicine we apply “quam maximum credula postero”.

Quod bonum, felix, faustum, fortunatumque eveniat.