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Czech for Medical Practice in Hospital

Core Elective Subject for the 3rd year

29. září 2017 86 kot

Management of Science and Innovation

Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer of Charles University opens one-semester long elective course „Management of Science and Innovation“. The course combines presence-based and distance learning (webinars in Moodle CU).  Its target group are students from all faculties of Charles University from 4th and higher grades of Mgr. programs + following Mgr. programs + Ph.D. programs. 

The enrollment via SIS is possible from September 18th  to September 29th 2017 (subject code TVOL0002, maximum 20 students). The first lecture will take place on Tuesday 3 October 2017 at 6 pm in the lecture hall „Zelená“, Celetná 20, Praha 1. For more information about the subject please see the enclosed abstract or our website: .

19. září 2017 100 dvomi

Thieme e-book library: trial

thiemeCenter of Scientific Information has prepared a trial till the end of December into e-books collection by Thieme. This is a unique collection of illustrated, full-color textbooks and atlases of medicine primarily intended for foreign students (not only). It covers virtually all subjects taught at medical schools and is thus a great resource for teaching and learning in medicine. Trial access is realized from IP addresses of faculty and medical hospital in Pilsen. 

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Opening Hours of LFP Cash Desk

Dean's office, Husova street 3, 2nd floor

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Contacting English Study Office

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The Gardens festival

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