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In shortcut for those, who would like to know what is it:

Academic senate is a very important part of fakulty, technically it is an organ superior to dean and vice-deans. Members of the Senate elect dean. Furthermore, faculty senate approves the budget and decides on (approve) the use of the financial resources of the faculty. It also participates in decisions on technical and operational matters of faculty, appoints or approves members of the Commitees and does many other things.

According to the academic rules students have to have their representatives in Senate. Our faculty has 16 senators - teachers and 8 senators - students. One of the students have the right / duty to be vice-chairman of the Senate, therefore, be one of the three (chairman and two vice-chairmans), leaders of the Senate. In same time have to be a rightfull member of the Dean's collegium (it means; dean, vice-deans, Senate chairman and vice-chairman of Senate-student). At present, Ing. Et Ing. Jiri Polivka performes this function.

Our student section is trying to be active and to defend the needs of students. Often it is not easy and the whole process is lengthy, but we've already been successful.


From the time of our election in 2013 we already disscussed and improved:

Books in the faculty library: We have initiated the purchase of new textbooks for the library and we remind faculty to refresh library every year.

SVOC: We have initiated the creation of a website where the information about the possibilities of student research work are published.

Student groups: We try to improve conditions for student groups and get them every year financial support from the faculty.

Teaching/education: We try to constructive criticisse education, in order to improve conditions for students without compromising the quality of lectures/education.

Transparent distribution of students on internships in the 6th year of study: we suggested new rules for distribution of Czech GM medicine students in 6th year of study


Current student senators (list by year of study):

Ing. et Ing. Jiří Polívka – 6. year GM, 3. year doctoral study (czech.)

MUDr. et Mgr. Michaela Miklíková, 3. year doctoral study (czech.)

Josef Brychta, 6. year GM (czech.)

Miroslav Váňa, 6. year GM (czech.)

Jan Razima, 4. year GM (czech.)

Matouš Křikava, 5. DY (czech.)

Viera Lukáčová, 5. DY (czech.)

Johanna Nowak, 3. year GM (angl.)


For more informations contact your senator (contact can be found in contact part of faculty webpages)


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