Medicus Pilsensis

About Us:

Medicus Pilsensis (MePi) is an apolitical, voluntary, non-profit, professional organization bringing together students, teachers and graduates of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, Charles University in Prague. The Organization has been officially registered on the 24th of October 2013.

Executive board

Jiří Vodrážka - president
Hoang Hieu Truong - vice president for external relations
Tomáš Vobořil - vice president for projects I.
Tomáš Bachratý - vice president for projects I II.
Michaela Kožíšková - vice president for projects for administration


Our main mission is to bring together young people from the ranks of medical disciplines to represent their needs and interests, to develop student cooperation, support education and scientific activities of the students. 


  • Infotour – introductional lecture and guided tour through the Faculty and the city of Pilsen
  • Book market – book market for all the students
  • Medická beánie – ceremonial social evening for the first years
  • Večerní vizita – lecture and discussion with a famous person
  • MePi - Běžci – running group
  • Workshop:  Surgical suturing – practical lesson, co-organized wtih the IMFSA CZ Plzeň
  • Lessons of acting – dancing, singing and acting with the children at the psychiatric clinic of FN Plzeň 


Medicus Pilsensis, z. s.,
spolek plzeňských mediků
alej Svobody 31
323 18 Plzeň


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