August 2, 2012 9083 dvo

Summer Practice (GM+DY)

General Medicine 

According to the study plan (curriculum), you are asked to fulfill a summer practice after summer semester, specifically:

  • 2nd year students: subject Patients Care, range of 60 hours;
  • 4th year students: subjects Practice - Internal Medicine, range of 60 hours, and Practice - Surgery, range of 60 hours

It is a habit and we recommend to our students to do a summer practice in their home countries. The practice can be fulfilled in any medical facility if the syllabus will be followed.

In case students will need any document to arrange passing summer practice in hospital in their home country, they can contact English Study Department to issue it.

Students of the 2nd and 4th year of General Medicine Course, who cannot do the summer practice in their home countries, can complete the practice at the University Hospital in Pilsen. Such a students are asked to contact the chosen department, where they want to do the practice for the prior approval, and to inform the English Study Department latest until Friday, May 26th 2023 by submitting a document “prior approval summer practice” confirmed by the chosen department.

After completing the practice, students will submit the confirmation form to English Study Dept. office to obtain a credit; such a confirmation must be submitted latest until the date of enrollment into the next year of study.

All the above mentioned forms are attached to this article. 


All the information about range and scope of the practice (2nd, 3rd and 4th study year) are given in the attached files (prior approval and sylabi).