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General Information

Doctoral studies are individual, provided under the direction of the Supervising Tutor and as a rule a Consulting Tutor as well, and are constituted by courses of lectures, seminars, self-study, and in particular solution of the assigned research project (the dissertation thesis). It is completed by the State Doctoral Examination and the defence of the dissertation thesis.

Graduates of a doctoral study programmes are given a diploma to certify the completion of studies, stating the particular study programme.
Graduates are granted the degree of “Doctor” (Ph.D. affixed to the name). The diploma is issued by Charles University in Prague (thereinafter “University”).

The study takes four years as a minimum, nine years as a maximum

Field of study: see "Accreditation"


Admission Process:

Admission proceedings for Ph.D. study for the following academic year are announced after discussion and approval of requirements of the Subject Co-ordinating Board by the Scientific Board and by the Academic Senate of the Faculty usually at the beginning of January, together with the deadline for submitting applications at the latest April 30.

The Dean of Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen announces in accordance with the Rector´s schedule exception terms of entrance procedure for doctoral study in the academic year.

All applicants shall meet our basic requirement – certification of finished undergraduate medical degree (master’s degree).

The conditions, content and form of entrance exam are provided individually to each study program.

Admission exams: June, July

Entrance procedure without admission exam is not allowed.

Enclosures to the application form:
- Professional curriculum vitae
- Officially verified diploma of completed undergraduate master degree
- List of scientific publications
- Short information of intended study issue (must be agreed with a tutor, the name of contacted tutor should be included)
Document declaring payment of the charge 500,00 CZK
- Other documents declaring meeting with conditions given for certain doctoral program above.


Course of studies:

Individual study plan (curriculum)

The individual study plan is, following agreement with the student, designed by the Supervising Tutor, who submits it to the Field Board for approval. The individual study plan provides what courses of lectures are compulsory for the student, specifies the details and schedule of the studies, and possibly study stays at other institutions (including those abroad) and their programme, as well as the topic and direction of the dissertation thesis. The student’s individual programme includes the studying part and the part focused on work on the dissertation thesis.

Duties of the student in a doctoral programme

One of the student’s duties in a doctoral programme is mastering methodology of scientific work so that after completing the doctoral studies they will be capable of autonomous scientific research and publication of its results in internationally acknowledged periodicals.

Full-time students must take an active part in Students Scientific Conference (it is incorporated in the Student’s study plan).

During the the studies, the Student can apply for replacement of the Supervising Tutor and/or change of the topic; however, such a change must always be well substantiated and approved by the respective Field Board. 

The student may apply for interruption of studies. If a student applies for interruption of studies in writing and no disciplinary proceeding has been brought against him/her, the dean shall grant the application.
The reason for interruption of studies is, in particular, maternity leave (now according to Act # 48/2013 Coll., i.e. Acknowledged Parental Leave Act), health problems or study stay abroad that is not incorporated in the study plan. For the period of  interruption of studies, the person is not a student. The longest possible total time of interruption of studies is five years.

The Field Board may impose some other study obligations upon the students.


Studies of foreign nationals

The student of a doctoral study programme can be a national of any country, if he/she meets the conditions prescribed for the chosen form of study. Studies in Czech language are free of charge. Studies in a study programme in a foreign language are provided for fees. The applicant’s state of health must meet the requirements concerning foreign nationals permitted long-term residence in the Czech Republic.

The fee for academic year is CZK 0,-.


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