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Introduction and History

Charles University, one of the oldest universities in Europe, was founded in Prague by the Czech king and Roman emperor Charles IV in 1348. Over the centuries it has developed into a world-famous scientific and educational institution comprising 17 faculties, five of which are faculties of medicine. One of them was established in Pilsen in October 1945.

During its existence the Faculty has educated over 6000 doctors now practicing their profession both in the Czech Republic and abroad. The curriculum equals the programs of all European faculties. There are two courses of study - General Medicine, the duration being six years, and Dental Medicine being five and half years of study. At present every academic year there are 250 new students admitted for the study of General Medicine and 50 for Dentistry. The first two years are dedicated to the basic disciplines, such as anatomy, histology, embryology, biophysics, biochemistry and physiology. In the third and fourth year the pre-clinical subjects, such as pathological anatomy, pathological physiology, microbiology, and pharmacology are studied. The last years are fully dedicated to the clinical subjects. Bed-side teaching, however, starts in the third year. Students of the dental course also study the basic disciplines during the first two years as well as stomatological propedeutics. In the third year they start with clinical stomatology.

Teaching is generally performed in Czech, but in1992 our faculty introduced a Medical Course Program in English. Having completed the studies the students are graduate at a traditional ceremony held in Carolinum, the historical University Hall in Prague., receiving the diplomas of "Doctor of Medicine". This degree is widely recognized in many countries. The General Medical Council in Britain accepts this degree as a primary medical qualification for limited registration purpose, providing the doctor successfully passes the PLAB test.

The students do not only learn all the important facts about medical work but also get acquainted with the basics of scientific work and are led to carry out such work independently.

Studying at the Faculty of Medicine exacts high intellectual abilities and good moral qualities from our students. It is not the aim of the Faculty to produce a high number of graduates, but to educate professionally and morally well prepared doctors of high quality who are willing to dedicate their strength to caring for the progress of medical sciences.

Pilsen (in Czech Plzen) is a town about 85 km south-west of Prague, near the border of the Federal Republic of Germany. The town of almost 200,000 inhabitants houses the world-renowned Pilsner Urquell brewery, the Škoda factory and the University of West Bohemia. Pilsen frequently hosts various scientific congresses and gatherings. Buses and trains make frequent connections with Prague, the journey last 1,5 hour. There are numerous cultural facilities, such as theaters, concert halls, etc. in the city.

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