January 20, 2015 2450 kri

Our faculty at the opening ceremony of Pilsen - European Capital of Culture 2015

On Saturday, January 17th, the city of Pilsen officially opened up for the world as the European Capital of Culture 2015. Details about the project can be found here.

The opening ceremony included the biggest videomapping ever performed in the Czech Republic to date, performances by more than eighty domestic and foreign artists, tightrope walker, first sounding of the new bells and much more.

Visitors of the event were flooding into the centre of the city in four streams symbolising the four rivers flowing through Pilsen and, also, “the best Pilsen has to offer”. The faculty was a part of one of those streams. About 150 students and teachers gathered under four banners bearing mottos such as “Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen: Do you want to be a doctor? This is the right place to pursue your dream!” Some pictures from the procession can be seen in the gallery.

The faculty will continue its cooperation with “Pilsen - European Capital of Culture 2015” through the whole year: if Pilsen is the capital of culture, then the faculty of medicine fulfils this characteristic in the meaning of “culture of body and mind” – which was also one of the slogans on the banners in the Saturday procession.

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