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Admission requirements


The entrance examination test consists of a multiple choice test in Chemistry, Biology and Physics in the format of written present test. Setting the format of the entrance examination remains wholly with the responsibility of the Faculty. In total, there will be 75 questions, with each subject having an allocation of 25 questions. There is always only one correct answer and is assigned with 1 point. There are no penalties in case of mistakes. The condition is passing the entrance exam in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and gaining a particular number of points to be admitted.

The minimum number of points necessary for the successfull passing of the entrance examination test will be announced well in advance before you sit the entrance examination.

The tests are administered and marked by a university professor. The admission of students remains however within the responsibility of the Dean of the Faculty. Depending on the outcome of the examination, those who achieve the required results enrol at the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen in late September of the same year.

Beside a successful passing of the entrance exam test, submitting of a completely legalized High school diploma/certificate in accordance the information on our websites  is strictly required, as an essential and legal condition for admission and starting study at any University/Faculty in the Czech Republic.

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Officially admitted students can obtain their Admission Decision letter by submitting their fully and correctly legalized high school documents,i.e.  not earlier then after meeting all above  mentioned admission criteria.

Students who fail the entrance examination may not retake the exam during that same Academic year.