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Applying personally without an agency


Sending the application in the period from 1st November 2022 till 30th April 2023 you are applying to be admitted as a 1st year student of the General Medicine Course / Dentistry Course for the academic year 2023/2024.

You can apply only once per Academic year. Students who fail the entrance examination may not retake the exam during the same Academic year.

Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen does not accept transferring students.

Application of students studying at the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen on the day of their application at the same study programm will not be accepted.

Completed application form together with the registration fee must be sent in the period from 1st November 2022 till 30th April 2023. Only corectly registered candidates will be allowed to sit the entrance exam.

Regular term of the entrance examination (application deadline 30th April 2023) 

will be held in Pilsen at the beggining of June 2023. 

Dates of the entrance examination and also the format of the examination (present or distance) can be modified according to a current epidemiological situation Covid 19. In such case, candidates registered for the entrance examination will be informed by the Faculty well in advance, at least 15 days before their entrance examination term.


Make an application by the deadline 30th April 2023

Online application must be submitted via the Faculty application system/portal  and the registration fee in amount of 830 CZK is to be paid at the latest by the deadline 30th April 2023.

a) Register in the Faculty online application system, fill in the electronic form and submit it as requested.

After grabbing a blue button Create an application follow all steps as you are instructed by the registration system. Need help? See the article

b) Pay an entrance examination registration fee in amount of 830,- CZK to the Faculty bank account. It is possible to pay in CZK currency only.

CZK currency bank account of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen


Univerzita Karlova v Praze, Lékařská fakulta v Plzni

Ovocný trh, 116 36  Praha

Bank address: 

Komerční banka a.s.

Goethova 1, 301 00  Plzeň

Account number: 61633311/0100

IBAN: CZ15 0100 0000 0000 6163 3311


As a note for the payment please write „Entrance exam fee“ and your full name in order to identify your payment. 

If applicants do not appear at the Entrance examination term or  fail the entrance examination  they do not have right to a refund of the registration fee.

After your application is successfully processed by the Faculty, we will reply by an email confirming your entrance examination registration and providing you with more details of the entrance examination process. Students registered for the entrance examination will also receive more detailed information about the entrance examination and about their placement well in advance via email.

Only correctly submitted applications together with the receipt/payment of registration fee will be registered in the system.

Applications submitted after the deadline 30th April 2023 will not be accepted.


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