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Applying with a cooperating agency

Submitting the application, you are applying to be admitted as a 1st year student of the General Medicine Course / Dentistry Course for the academic year 2023/2024.

You can apply only once per Academic year. Students who fail the entrance examination may not retake the exam during the same Academic year.

Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen does not accept transferring students.

Students who studied at our Faculty in the past and are interested to apply for the re-admission can be admitted as first year students only. They are to start their study from the first year, due to a change of the curricula. Application of students studying at the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen on the day of their application at the same study programm is not possible and will not be accepted.


Entrance examination terms by cooperating agencies

are organised during May, June, July and August

in Italy, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, Israel and the Czech Republic.

Registered students are informed by their agency about the exact term and place of the entrance exam well in advance.

Dates of the entrance examination set by cooperating agencies Medicor Tutor, CMS, Medizin-in-Europa, Skandinavien, Future Doctors, MedStudy and also the format of the present examination can be modified according to a current epidemiological situation Covid 19. In such a case, students registered for the entrance examination organised by cooperating agencies will be informed by their agencies well in advance, at least 15 days before their entrance examination term.


If you are interested to apply for the entrance examination organised by a cooperating agency contact the representative of the appropriate agency.

Please note that agency services are charged.

List of agencies cooperating with the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen:

name of agency

address or contact person

phone, e-mail




Medicor   Tutor Agency

Piazzale   Biancamano, 8, Milano , Italy     Gran Via de Les Corts Catalanes, 583, Barcelona,Spain   Okružná 788/18,   Poprad, Slovakia

Tel. +39 331 522 97 68 (Italy) +34 651 041 088 (Spain) +421 948 972 707  (Head office)      


Skandinavien   Agency

contact person MUDr. Alireza Rahmany

Tel.: +44 751 232 0791


CMS Agency

contact person MUDr. Vasileios Tzigkounakis

Tel.: +30 211 750 8143


Medizin in   Europa   

contact person MUDr. Nils Bergner                  

Tel. +49 371 33 78 98 41

futureDOCTOR GmbH

Strobelgasse 2, 1010 Wien, Österreich

Tel. +43 676 330 4481 (Austria)                        +49 163 702 1066 (Germany)



 ז'בוטינסקי 5, Ramat Gan, 5252006, Israel

Tel. +972 3 3812220                            Mobile +372 544 971 514


Conditions how to apply and sit the entrance examination organised by the cooperating agency are set by each agency and may differ from each other. We fully recommend that all conditions should be governed by a written agreement between an applicant and an agency. An agency has a full right to refuse any applicant - in this case the applicant is usually recommended to apply without an agency for the entrance examination term in Pilsen.

The cooperating agency should offer you an assistance and help you to process following basic steps:

  1. An agency informs an applicant about all details of the entrance examination and admission process properly and on-time.
  2. An applicant submits legibly and correctly completed online application form for the academic year 2023/24 and pays a registration fee of 830,- CZK (online format of application) for each/one application to the Faculty account, so the applicant is registered for the entrance examination term on time, by the deadline 30th April 2023.
  3. The fact, that the applicant is applying through an appropriate agency will be identified according to a list of applicants sent by an agency to the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen.
  4. An agency helps an applicant to go through all necessary administrative steps regarding the application, admission and enrollment process.
  5. If applicants do not appear at the Entrance examination term or fail the entrance examination  there is no right to a refund of the registration fee.