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Future dentists succeeded in international competition

Facultas nostra 2021, 10 (October)

Since 2004 students of dentistry test their skills in an international inter-university competition for the Jules Allemand Trophy (JAT). There are three rounds. The first one is between students at a particular university, the second is state-wide and the third is international. The state-wide one has returned to the Department of stomatology in Pilsen after 13 years. The competition was conducted under the auspices of the department´s chief Doc. MUDr. Antonín Zicha, CSc., and the scientific supervisor MUDr. Eva Chládková. MUDr. Chládková was the tutor of both the LFP students who passed to the state-wide round. The preparations were tense, due to worries over the pandemic. It has already prevented contestants from meeting last year and it was still a reason to worry this spring. The contestants and the jury finally met on 18 June 2021 in the phantom classroom of Pilsen´s Faculty hospital. This year the contest was both the 16th and 17th season done concurrently to make up for last year. This time the competition simplified into just one task – a model reconstruction of a front canine. There were many judging criteria, which were in accordance with the criteria of the founder of anatomical stratification, dr. Lorenzo Vanini: respecting the five color dimensions of the tooth, micro/macromorphology, remaking of characteristics and overall feel of a well-made reconstruction. The nominated contestants were the winners of the university-wide competitions from all over Czechia. The jury chose two winners, one for each of the two concurrent seasons, and both first places were won by contestants from our faculty! Vojtěch Sochor was the winner of the 16th season and Marta Tulisová was the winner of the 17th season. As is tradition, the international round took place on the University G. D’Annunzio of Chieti between 19th and 21st September 2021. The students were hosted by the conservation dentistry and endodontics team led by prof. Camillo d’Arcangelo under the aegis of the university’s rector and a participant of every season prof. Sergio Caputi. Both of our contestants represented our faculty well and Marta Tulisová won the international finals. Congratulations! The reward for the winner will be, among other things, a three month internship on the university in Chieti with assistance from the professors Camilla D’Arcangelo, Francesco DeAngelo, Mirco Vadini and Maddalena Mancino. The Jules Allemand Trophy is the brainchild of Jana Dostálová, currently working at the Micerium S.p.A company – the main patron of the competition. The official organizer of the competition is the University G. D’Annunzio of Chieti and the ItalDent s.r.o company does organizational support here in Czechia.

(Written with the use of ItalDent s.r.o. company´s press release. Translation: LFP)


The winner of international finals Marta Tulisová

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