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Project submission procedure

  1. Based on the announced call, the Applicant consults the Project Application Form (Appendix 1) with the Project and Investment Department (hereinafter referred to as the “PIO”) of the Faculty.
  2. The applicant submits the completed Project application Form to the head of his / her department and sends it electronically to pgc@lfp.cuni.cz within the set deadline.
  3. If the rectors signature is needed, the proposal must be submitted 20 working days before the submision deadline of the grant provider.
  4. During the preparation of the project proposal, the applicant consults the relevant parts of the proposal with PIO, the Economic Department and the Personnel and Payroll Department of the faculty.
  5. If the project requires financial, material or other co-participation of the faculty, it is necessary to submit a request for co-financing, its justification, a brief project proposal and its contribution to the faculty.
  6. The PIO keeps records of projects on the basis of submitted applications and ensures the opinion of the faculty management, especially on the financial participation of the faculty.
  7. The planned acquisition of the investment requires a discussion of the procedure with the investment officer and the faculty management.
  8. If the project envisages the installation of new devices or operational-technical changes, the applicant will discuss the next procedure with the Operations and Technical Department.
  9. If the prepared project requires the approval of the Ethics Committee or the Expert Committee for Work with Laboratory Animals (Experimental Project), the applicant in cooperation with the PIO will ensure the consent of the expert committees
  10. Faculty forms Requests for the assent of the Ethics Committee are listed in the appendix.
  11. The applicant prepares the project proposal according to the rules of the call and submits the PIO to the final inspection before sending within the set faculty deadline.
  12. The PIO ensures the control of the formal requirements of the project proposal and its sending to the grant provider.

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