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Alliance 4EU+ develops „hybrid“ mobility in Covid times

Facultas nostra 2021, December

If we want to find some positive aspects of Covid, the vast development of the distance teaching will definitely be one of them. Streaming or recording lectures, webinars and other tools are teaching methods which are commonly used nowadays and which bring benefits also in the “non-Covid” times. One example is the student exchange between six universities joined in the Alliance 4EU+, when the students never leave their alma mater. Charles University students can attend online courses for instance in Warsaw, Milano or Heidelberg. And in the same way students of the member universities can enroll for the courses at CU. The Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen also contributed to the course offer. There are four courses offered by the Faculty in the winter semester 2021/2022: Applied Histology, Applied Embryology, Oral Dermatology and Biobanking for biomarker assessment and their benefits for patients. All of them are taught in English mainly on the ZOOM platform. So far six students, mostly from the universities of Heidelberg and Warsaw, have used this innovative way of taking courses and according to our teachers they have been really active during the lectures and have communicated with the lecturers via online chat.

“In Europe the hybrid mobility is still in its infancy – it had started already before, but the pandemic has speeded up its usage. Now it suffers from childhood illnesses – its realization isn’t easy also because students of many universities study in person in this semester and during the present epidemic wave, so sitting in front of a monitor is not really what they want”, says prof. Milena Králíčková, the future Rector at CU, about the beginning of this activity. As a Vice-Rector she and her team responsible for education of CU have dealt with the question of setting rules and environment for the hybrid mobility at our university. “I believe that in the future the hybrid mobility will become an appealing offer of high-quality courses open to all students and a possibility for those who cannot afford the real, physical mobility linked with travelling to expensive European cities like Paris. I hope that it will distribute understanding and therefore deepen cooperation.”

Situations which we see as funny nowadays – for example when a student from Poland studying at a German university attends virtually a course in Pilsen lectured by an emeritus professor in Minnesota – may become quite common in the future. You will find the current offer of shared courses at the website of the 4EU+ Alliance in the section Opportunities.


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