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Do you look forward to the new canteen?

Facultas nostra 2022, April 

One of the necessities of a modern campus is a place where staff and students are be able to satisfy their taste buds and spend time in a pleasant modern environment, whether during breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This place will be our new canteen. You will find it on the two floors of the Dean's Office wing. There will be modern, automatic appliances, with an efficient layout and a high standard of hygienic safety, which are comparable to the performance of the best kitchens. Cooling and freezing boxes are equipped with sensors for central control of cooling and freezing processes. Large-capacity multifunctional cooking appliances with gentle processing of raw materials or automatic meat processing are an example of what modern kitchens will look like in the future. The combi ovens can be controlled from a computer or from home with a mobile application that will allow cooking even overnight. The kitchen is also equipped with a modern ceiling exhaust hood. The entire ceiling is made of stainless steel and can be very easily disassembled and washed in a dishwasher. 

In addition to the standard menu (soups, salads, meatless or sweet dishes), students and staff will also enjoy fresh pasta and popular dishes of classic Czech cuisine. Vegan and vegetarian dishes will be on the menu regularly. At the hot bar, there will be an option to put together a lunch according to your taste. The catering will enrich various thematic events; that is special dishes prepared for Christmas and Easter, seasonal weeks focused on local suppliers or specialties from kitchens around the world. 

The canteen has a capacity of up to 1,500 meals a day, and we bought 1,000 sets of dishes for it. These are calibrated dishes and magnetic cutlery. Calibrated dishes are necessary for the proper weighing of food that will be sold by weight, and magnetic cutlery is required by the full-automatic dishwasher, which removes cutlery from trays using magnets. 

Presently, together with the ongoing construction work, we are fine-tuning the last modifications so that everything will be ready for the installation of modern gastronomic technology. The contracts with the suppliers that will be installing their equipment during April and May are set, and we are already looking forward to the delivery of their equipment. After completing the installation, commissioning, and staff training, we plan to start a trial operation, which will verify the readiness of the canteen for the new school year. 

Jan Kropáček, STON Management s. r. o.,
Miluše Valdová, head of CU Dormitories and Refectories

South atrium of the building – the canteen is behind the windows on the right


During the construction inspection, the CU rectress paid a visit to the canteen-to-be

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