June 30, 2022 191 dvomi

Summer School of Experimental Surgery 2022 - lectures

We would like to invite you to the guest lectures of the following speakers Dr. M.M.A. Monique Verstegen, Ph.D. from Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Netherlands, Ing. Petr Hošek, Ph.D. from LF UK, Prof. Kari Hemminki, who holds the position of ERA Chair at LF UK, Prof. Dr. med. Uta Dahmen from the German University Hospital in Jena, prof. Dr. med. Pierre-Alain Clavien from the Universitätsspital Zürich, Prof. Dr. Inge Herrmann from the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering, ETH Zürich and Dr. Alexander H. C. Anthise of the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering, Nanoparticle Systems Engineering Laboratory, ETH Zurich.

All lectures are held in the framework of the Summer School of Experimental Surgery, but are open to the general public. Please see the attached flyers below for more details.
We look forward to seeing you there!

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