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Facultas Nostra 2022, June – Editorial

Dear colleagues,

I am sending you all a spring greeting from the pages of the magazine Facultas nostra, which is being created between the walls of the dean´s office on Husova street for the last time. In the summer, moving to the new building Unimec II will take place. We are leaving place where a whole generations of doctors, our parents, colleagues and students have studied. 

We will certainly be searching for each other, and getting lost again and again for a few months in the new premises. It would be amazing sometimes to meet someone who meant a symbol and a memory for us and our faculty during this wandering. 

I would very much like to meet Professor Kos on the ground floor of the Institute of Anatomy, whose first lecture at the beginning of my study frightened me more than the graduation exam. He warned us that studying medicine is so demanding that he does not even recommend cross-country students to go home on weekends so that they do not waste valuable time for study with relatives. I would also like to meet Associate Professor Fiala. I was invited to a coffee from an oriental destination, after which I had tachycardia for several hours and could hardly admire his paintings, not only anatomical but also the landscapes of his beloved Katovice in southern Bohemia.

In physics, I would like to see Mr. Matoušek, an amazing pedagogue with dry humor, skillfully using the word comrade with such mastery that his attitudes were clear to everyone. I would like to sit in the new lecture hall, where Professor Pitr with his mustache would enter with a lecture on the effect of firearms in forensic medicine, armed with the firing gear of a member of the Sicilian Cosa nostra. He himself, with his facial expression, directly enforced nickname "Don".

At the Department of Chemistry, I would like to meet Associate Professor Habermann with his dog, where the discussion about boring inorganic chemistry would soon move to professor's greenhouse and turn into a debate about succulents. 

In physiology, explanation of the problem of the neuromuscular system by Associate Professor Vasil Lukáč would meet the criteria of a tragicomic story. 

The student scientific conference led by Associate Professor Chaloupka with his Cimrman version is one of the unforgettable experiences that perhaps only surpassed the production of the opera Fra diavolo under the direction of experimental physiologist Professor Rokyta and surgeon MUDr. Pavlíček, shown in the third year on a ski course. 

I would be pleased with all the colleagues of the fifth study group joining the faculty in 1977. A friend Michal, who in the first year managed to get married for unknown reasons and divorce for the same reasons, managed to insert over 20 pencils into his beard without a single one falling out. A colleague whose photo from the experimental, called “MUC. Králíček (králíček = rabbit in English) performs the surgery on rabbit”, has become a masterpiece of snapshot photography. 

I can meet my classmates at regular meetings, I don't meet many teachers anymore. Memories of them and our years together under the roofs of Pavlov and Prochásek's pavilion oblige us to create the same pleasant atmosphere for our students as we experienced. The period in the 1970s was difficult, after the Soviet occupation another wave of emigration left the republic, mostly educated people who broke the stick over the normalization regime. We knew many excellent pedagogues who were prevented from teaching by the regime only from narration, the hands of Professor Heřt, the anatomist, only flickered in the instructional film. 

Today's times are incomparable, they are simply different, but if we use the premises of the new buildings for the next 77 years with the same humility and enthusiasm as those we remember, we will certainly educate even better doctors than they did.

I sincerely wish you all a wonderful summer and I look forward to meeting you in the next academic year in the "new". 

Prof. MUDr. Jindřich Fínek, Ph.D., MHA
Dean of the Medical Faculty of Charles University in Pilsen

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