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68th Mid Year Meeting IADS in Jordan

Facultas Nostra 2022, June 

From 9th to 16th February, the 68th Mid Year Meeting IADS (International Association of Dental Students) took place in Jordan. Delegates from many student organisations from all around the world took part in it. We had the chance to represent the Czech Republic and our student organisation SSSČR (Czech Dental Student Association). The representatives for our country were the president of the student association Zuzana Kadlečíková as a deputy delegate and a National Scientific Officer Jana Panochová. 

The first part of the program took part in the capital of Jordan, in Amman. The first evening started with a ceremony, where all the participants were welcomed. The second day started with an educational programme in the form of lectures, workshops and there was an opportunity to visit many stands prepared by stomatology companies. In the evening, there was a social event called Exchange Fair, where all the delegates from all the countries prepared a small stand with a traditional food from their country and wore traditional clothes. 

The second part took part in Aqaba, which is located in the south of the country on the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba, which is part of the Red Sea. It is close to the border with Israel and Saudi Arabia. A General Meeting lasted for three days. The main point of the program was a meeting of the Executive Board and delegates. The activity of the whole organisation from the last term was discussed. We also discussed about the upcoming projects, mutual intercountry collaboration and student exchange programs. The last day in Aqaba was closed solemnly by the president of IADS Dr. Huthaifa Abdul Quader during a gala evening. Part of the gala evening was a dinner with traditional food, music and because we were in a country with very temperament culture, everyone joined to dance and sing together. The main program of the congress was finished and the post-congress program followed. 

The post-congress program included visiting two places. Both are in the UNESCO World Heritage list. First we went to the Wadi Rum desert, known as the Walley of the Moon. It is a waste and rocky walley in the south of Jordan. We were really looking forward to going there. An unusual nature was used as a stage for shooting many movies, for example Star Wars, The Martian or Dune. Color of the sand is red, which is why they warned us in advance to not wear white sneakers, because it would be colored by the sand.

The next day, we moved to a well-known rock city called Petra. The goal of our hike was the Al-Khazneh temple, which is, like, the other buildings, carved into a sandstone mountain. 

We are very happy that we were able to personally meet students and delegates from other countries. Thanks to these meetings, it is easier to establish partnerships and Exchange visits between different faculties. For summer 2022 we are already preparing summer internships for foreign students in the Czech Republic. 

Jana Panochová (National Scientific Officer)
Zuzana Kadlečíková (President of SSSČR)







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