August 12, 2022 144 dvomi

Nerd Art Prize: Let’s Take Part in Photo Contest!

The Chaperon ERA Research Club invites you to participate in our Nerd Art Prize 2022 contest by sending us your best photo or picture!

This year in two separate categories:

  1. Science & Research
  2. Freestyle (i.e. any topic)

Best pictures in each category will be selected by a committee composed of the Chaperon project leadership group. The winning Science & Research pictures will be hung in the newly constructed campus building of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen and the winners in both categories will be rewarded with surprise gifts.

Entries can be anything from a regular photo, to any kind of instrumental output or visualized data, etc. – feel free to use your imagination!

The contest call is open to all Charles University students and employees. To participate, please submit your entry along with a short description of the picture (what it is, how it was taken, which category you are submitting it to) to Only entries submitted via an official Charles University email account will be considered and a maximum of 1 picture will be accepted per contestant. The picture should be taken/generated within the years 2021/2022.

Submission deadline: September 15, 2022


The photo is the winning one from the last year. It was made by RNDr. Vladimíra Moulisová from our Biomedical Center. It is a fluorescence microscopic image of decellularized porcine liver scaffold (magenta) with growing endothelial cells originally isolated from pig (cells in yellow with blue nuclei). Image was taken by fluorescence microscope Olympus IX83 at the magnification of 200x.

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