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Student identity cards and Computer accounts

Student identity cards

Students of Charles University (CU) are issued with student identity cards in the form of contactless smart cards. The CU-ISIC card is issued to all students in full-time or combined type of study without limitation of age. Printed on both types of card is the personal number of the student and a unique identification number of the card in the form of a bar code. There is a box for cardholder’s signature on the reverse side of both types of card.  Further information and pictures of the card can be found at

Student of CU have a right only to one CU student card (regardless of whether you are registered for more than one study programme). You have to collect this card personally at one of the card issue centres (see below).

Types of Card

You may choose one of two types of card:

  • a CU student card combined with international ISIC card (below referred to simply as CU-ISIC),
  • a standard CU student card.

Charge for Cards and their Validity

The standard CU student card is issued free of charge, while a fee of 230,- CZK  is charged for the issue of a card with the ISIC licence, which allows the cardholder to enjoy a whole range of discounts and benefits in the CR and abroad (and please note that the standard price of an ISIC card issued outside the CU is 350,- CZK). There is also a charge for replacement of the card in cases of loss or damage.

A card with the ISIC licence issued to students registered for studies in the actual academic year is valid from 1st of September (of the actual academic year) till 31st December (of the next academic year). From September 1, you will have an option to prolong the validity of the CU-ISIC card for the next year. Prolongation of the CU-ISIC card validity is carried out at the CU card issue centres (Department for Medical Studies in English in Pilsen) where a new holographic sticker will be stick on the reverse of the card. For prolongation you pay the same (discount) charge as when you are issued with the card for the first time, i.e. 230,- CZK. In view of the exceptionally advantageous conditions negotiated for the combination of an ISIC licence with the CU standard card, CU students do not have the possibility to obtain or prolong an ISIC card elsewhere than at the CU card issue centres.

A CU-ISIC without a valid ISIC licence henceforth may be used as a good standard CU student card.

Use of the Cards

CU student cards serve as passes that allow CU students access to CU libraries and the right to borrow books and other materials there, access to CU computer labs and so on. They are used in CU canteens. The cards are used to enter selected buildings and for other applications.

Examples of the use of the CU-ISIC card are set out in the leaflet issued together with your CU-ISIC card.

Cards Issue

Cards will be issued at the Centre for Studies in English during the office hours, i.e., Monday: 8.00 – 12.00, Tuesday: 8.00 – 12.00 and 13.00 – 15.00, Thursday: 8.00 – 12.00 and 13.00 – 15.00, Wednesday and Friday: closed.

All student cards can be collected at faculty’s Department for Medical Studies in English only in person!

Together with the student card you will receive a free card case that is designed to suit your card.

Drawn up by the CU Computer Centre and CIT of Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen on the basis of the Measure of the Rector no. 30/2019

It is important to be aware of following:

  • The first issue of a standard CU student card is free of charge.
  • The first issue of a CU student card combined with the international ISIC card (the CU-ISIC card) is charged by a fee of 230,- CZK.
  • The replacement of your card is subject to payment:
    - standard CU student card: 100,- CZK
    - CU-ISIC student card: 230,- CZK
  • Prolongation of the CU-ISIC card validity (which is marked on the reverse of the card by a holographic sticker) is always carried out at the beginning of new academic year at the Department for Medical Studies in English and is charged by a fee of 230,- CZK.
  • The CU-ISIC card is serving as an international identification card of the student. Information on discounts which you can gain as a holder of the CU-ISIC card is available on the Internet page
  • Detailed information on student cards is available on the Internet pages


Student computer accounts

The Charles Unversity has come to a united information system. One of its benefits is unification of authentication data within frame of the Charles University so that CU students have universal access to all information systems of the University using the only one computer account now. These computer accounts are administrated by Charles University Authentication Service or also Central Authentication Service (CAS) in Prague and are created automatically for each student of the faculty.

Universal access using only one computer account through the mediation of CAS

A CU student can use this computer account to access Study information system (SiS) available at the internet address – In these days the following parts of SiS are used: overview of subjects, subjects registration, view of a student‘s credits and exams, applying for exams, reading of SiS messages with the possibility to redirect them to a student’s private e-mail, transcript of study obligations fulfilling.
This computer account can be used for logging into PCs in the faculty study rooms, classrooms and computer testing rooms. Students can also use these accounts to authenticate for various electronic online courses and for non-public information on web pages of the faculty.

For access to Study Information System (SiS)

For logging into PCs in study rooms, classrooms

Faculty students should keep in the Study Information System (SiS) a functioning e-mail address so as to be able to check incoming study information. Students, which have not a e-mail at their disposal, can apply for creation of the faculty electronic mailbox.

Keep in Study Information System a functioning e-mail address

Incoming students of the first year obtain their computer account names and temporary (intial) passwords together with their Student identity cards in the Centre for Studies in English. Expiration time for these temporary passwords is 5 days! In this way obtained temporary (initial) passwords should be changed by students on web pages CAS (address before they expire. In order to change your password on web pages CAS, you should do so after authenticating by your initial password.

The students of the first year obtain their initial passwords together with the ID card

Expiration of a initial password

It is possible to reset your password without authentication, only on the basic of giving your personal data, but then you set a new password which is a bit „weaker“ than a password gained by the former way. Passwords set by the latter way (called „non-verified“) are considered less trustworthy and you lose access to some applications. The latter way of setting a new password is intended for those who have forgotten their passwords and need access to some applications as soon as possible (to SiS, but not to PCs in the faculty study rooms, for example). For additional information see here.

Non-verified password

The faculty’s registration authority for issuing initial temporary passwords will be located at faculty’s Department for Medical Studies in English. The initial password issued by faculty’s registration authority is valid for 5 days and should be used for setting a new password at the address before expires.

The faculty's authority for issuing intial passwords