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Collection of courses for virtual mobility 4EU+

In order to ensure a diverse and high quality range of virtual mobility courses at the UK, the Virtual Mobility Support Fund (POVIM) offers funding to academics who choose to open their online courses to international students and to administrative staff who administer and manage virtual mobility (VM).

There are two types of collected courses.
1) The 4EU+ courses open for virtual mobility (category 1) – accredited at CU, created under alliance cooperation, for example within the educational project and open to all 4EU+ students.
2) The 4EU+ shared courses (category 2) – taught already at Charles University, that fulfil all conditions stated below, and their teachers are willing to accept students from 4EU+ universities.

Conditions of courses
1) All course has to be accessible virtually (lectures, seminars, materials, examination, presentations…).
2) The language of instruction must be English or some of the alliance languages except Czech.
3) The course has to belong to one of the four flagships and/or develop one or two transversal skills (see below).
4) The course is open without any cost to the 4EU+ students.

Transversal skills
To meet the transversal skill, it should be stated as one of the main learning outcomes of the course.
1. Multilingualism (language and linguistic courses)
2. Data literacy
3. Critical thinking
4. Entrepreneurship
5. Social engagement

1. Urban health and demographic change
2. Europeanness: multilingualism, pluralities, citizenship
3. Digitization, modelling, transformation
4. Environmental transitions

Please let us know if you plan to submitt some of your courses into the POVIM call at latest by 30th November, 2022.

The deadline for collection is 10th December. 

Complete information to be found on this link.


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