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Prof. Pavel Fiala memorial Charity Run

More than a year after the untimely death of Ass. Prof. RNDr. Pavel Fiala, CSc., his legacy lives on in the hearts of those who knew him. For those who met him, as well as for those who were not so lucky, the international students of our faculty organized an event in which they remembered the memory of an excellent anatomist and a popular pedagogue who, as vice-dean for parallel teaching in English, was in charge of foreign students and went through their stay in Pilsen with them from their admission to the faculty to their graduation. On October 25, 2022, a charity run in his honour took place in Bory Park. Earnings from the run were donated to the account of St. Lazarus Hospice in Pilsen, a facility that enables dignified accompaniment of people at the end of life.

In the favourably mild autumn weather, both competitive and non-competitive runners circled the park for an hour. Among the competitive runners, those who ran the highest number of laps won. Each participant received a certificate of participation. Members of the family of Prof. Fiala, who were guests of honour at the memorial. The students were supported both by help with the organization and by her own participation by the current vice-dean for the admission procedure of study programs in the English language, Prof. Jitka Kuncová. The event was a success and generated, to the benefit of the hospice, CZK 20,500 from the entry fee and the sale of souvenirs. To this, the Medicor Tutor agency, which recruits students from Italy for the faculty, added a contribution of CZK 10,000. Next year, the memorial will be repeated and the students hope that they have managed to found a new tradition at LFP.

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