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Street Medics in Pilsen

"Medics on the street" is a student association that helps homeless people. Students, often in cooperation with social workers from other low-threshold organizations, ensure the running of low-threshold clinics or go out into the field themselves. The goal of the association is to help homeless people without judgment and to act always with empathy. It was established in 2015 in Prague, then another branch in Brno, and since this spring, with the help of the Prague association, a branch in Pilsen has been added. The connection between the Pilsen municipality, whose social department was interested in the help from medics, and LFP students, who, on the other hand, had been considering this form of helping the people in need for a long time, was facilitated by a memorandum of cooperation between Charles University and the city of Pilsen, signed at the beginning of 2022.

"Here in Pilsen, the branch cooperates with organizations such as the Czech Red Cross, the Center for Christian Help or the Municipal Charity Pilsen. Students most often go into the field together with with social workers. They help homeless people provide basic hygienic treatment for chronic wounds and minor injuries, educate clients on how to care for their injuries, and accompany the client to professional treatment if necessary," explains Nela Tollingerová, LFP student and one of the founding members of the Pilsen branch of “Medics on the street”.

We greatly appreciate the fact that among the students of our faculty there are those who have the courage to go out into the field and selflessly help.

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