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CU Calendar 2024

Have you got experience with artificial intelligence (AI) that is capable of creating “photographs” and “pictures” according to assignments, or are you just interested in the technology and want to try creating something yourself? If you’re employed or study at Charles University, or if you’re a member of the CU Alumni Club, your work could become part of the Charles University calendar! You can also win a special prize and a 10,000 CZK bonus.


Charles University announces the U(I)Kalendář 2024 competition for the best “photograph” or “picture” created by AI!

The winning works will be included in Charles University’s wall calendar for 2024. The main goal of the U(I)Kalendář 2024 is to spread awareness of this promising new technology and support the production of and the interest of the academic community in the creation of “photographs” and “pictures” in this area, with a connection to the activities of Charles University.


How can I take part in the U(I)Kalendář 2024 competition? It only takes two steps!


1. Use artificial intelligence to create a “photograph” or “picture” that you think will suit the Charles University calendar. The subject matter of the work must be connected to Charles University.


2. Send us your entry by 18. 9. 2023 using the entry form together with your contact details.


More information here.

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