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Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Pilsen. The Public section will provide you with basic information on the Faculty, its departments and employees. The web site also contains an up-to-date calendar of events taking place at the FM, information on job opportunities and a link to the Faculty bulletin. Last but not least, you can find promotional information in the form of videos and galleries documenting important events that have already taken place.  If you are really interested in the Faculty of Medicine, do not hesitate to see the other sections of this web site.

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Dean’s Welcome

9. září 2021 829 dvomi

Why study medicine in Pilsen?

9. září 2021 895 dvomi

Visit from Imperial College London

In October 2015, the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen hosted a visit from the Director of the Research Office at Imperial College London: Lynne Cox, director of the office, and her colleague Carole Meads. 

19. listopad 2015 3094 kri

Library of Faculty of Medicine is now on Facebook and Twitter

If you are interested in what is new in the library, you are welcome to follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Our aim is to give all our users useful information they need in their studies or work. 
Our posts are usually concentrated on new books offered by the library, available e-books and other sources, changes in the opening hours and services of the library, interesting events taking place either in our library, or in the city of Pilsen. And there is always a little bit of fun present as well.

28. říjen 2015 2370 kri

Ceremonial opening of the new buildings

Most modern equipment intended for science and research development as well as education of prospective doctors and scientists, functional and impressive architecture, enough space. The premises of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen have been extended by the University Medical Centre building complex.


10. únor 2015 6036 kri

Our faculty at the opening ceremony of Pilsen - European Capital of Culture 2015

On Saturday, January 17th, the city of Pilsen officially opened up for the world as the European Capital of Culture 2015. The opening ceremony included the biggest videomapping ever performed in the Czech Republic to date, performances by more than eighty domestic and foreign artists, tightrope walker, first sounding of the new bells and much more.
Visitors of the event were flooding into the centre of the city in four streams symbolising the four rivers flowing through Pilsen and, also, “the best Pilsen has to offer”. The faculty was a part of one of those streams.

20. leden 2015 2508 kri

Collection of the medical e-books from Elsevier company for the students

The following collection of the medical e-books is available especially for the students. The licence is valid till 10/31/2015.

19. leden 2015 877 kri

The second Dean’s cup 8.10.2014

Just like the previous year, Internationals Plzeň defended their Victory! They have won the second Dean’s cup after defeating Czech LFP students 6:2. The best player of Internationals Plzeň was named António Serrano.

14. říjen 2014 2619 kri

Summer School of Experimental Surgery

The first Summer School of Experimental Surgery was organized under the auspices of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, Charles University in Prague. The course lasted two weeks from 30th of June to 11th of July 2014 and aimed not only to demonstrate experimental surgery in practical exercises, but also introduced students to the possibilities, limits and boundaries of the field. Considerable time and space was devoted to methods that experimental work could partially replace or enhance an extra dimension, such as software modeling, working with cell cultures, etc.

10. říjen 2014 4585 kri

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