How to apply as a regular student

How to apply

Application and admission conditions for all candidates applying for admission to the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen are set for all candidates identically, does not matter if applying without or with an agency. Without any exception, candidates are to fullfill the application and admission criteria set by the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen.

For general information please visit the website

You can apply by on-line application through our website in the period from 1st November 2023 till 30th April 2024.

The application form for General Medicine

The application form for Dentistry

After grabbing a blue button Create an application follow all steps as you are instructed by the registration system. Need help? See the article

You can also decide to apply with one of agencies cooperating with our Faculty, see more information in the article Applying with a cooperating agency. Agencies cooperating with the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen  provide a reliable service and we have a good experience with them. Please note that services of agencies are charged. An agency has also a full right to refuse a candidate. In such case the applicant is usually recommended to apply without an agency for the entrance examination term held in Pilsen.


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Applying personally without an agency

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Applying with an agency

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