Certificate of preventive examination

14. červenec 2021 1924 kar

Vaccination certificate against Hepatitis B

14. červenec 2021 1125 kar

6th year General Medicine - practical part of clinical courses

All (future) students of 6th year of General Medicine Course can find some useful information regarding practical part of clinical courses in this article. The article will be also updated during summer with an actual information, deadlines for requests, etc - please check it regularly.

8. únor 2021 2120 dvomi

Bank details - request for sending money

21. září 2020 1224 kor

Power of attorney - Diploma

5. květen 2020 1055 bra


A general form of request to be used in following situations (more detail about each can be found inside the article):

  • payment of tuition fee in two instalments
  • interruption of study
  • termination of study
  • individual study plan
  • other study issues (e.g. subject recognition)

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