Life Saving Support – Association of volunteer rescuers is a student organization, which has been active at the Faculty of Medicine at Charles University in Pilsen since 2007.

We are an association of students and graduates from the Faculty of Medicine and the University of West Bohemia in a field of Paramedic, who realize the importance of pre-hospital emergency care. We do not want to teach established procedures only theoretically, the main emphasis is on practical practice of the acquired knowledge, whether in the form of regular meetings of members, extension seminars on specific selected topics, training interventions or participation in national rescue competitions and tactical exercise

Our main priority is to spread awareness of first aid and educate ourselves in urgent medicine and emergency medicine (“disaster medicine”). We pass on the experience and knowledge we have gained, both to new members of the association and to the public. In order to achieve these goals, we regularly organize first aid classes at primary and secondary schools in the Pilsen region, train employees of local companies and cooperate with other institutions, associations and units of the integrated rescue system.


Facebook: Life Saving Support o.s., email:, web:

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