We are a civic association founded in 2007 by medical students at Medical faculty in Pilsen Charles University in Prague for further self-education in first aid.

Life Saving suppor o.s. (LSS) was created in response to small attention devoted to practice in first aid. Our members are active students of different years of study of general medicine, dentistry and young doctors who realize that soon they will have to help people in need. We assume that we will not always carry a good medical equipment with us, so we want to practice and improve our skills in first aid.

We meet once a week and discuss various topics, not only from the first aid, but also from emergency medicine and medicine of disasters, with an emphasis on practical part. For our members we prepare masked situations with first aid need, which can happen in everyday life. Besides the meetings we organize workshops, field trips, teach first aid in schools and cooperate with other associations and organizations. We check our skills in competitions in emergency medicine.
At present, our association has 35 active members.

In short what we do besides our regular meetings:


  • First aid workshops for high school students – so far more than 3 000 students attended these workshops  
  • Competition in first aid skills for high school students
  • First aid course for basic school kids – running for 8 years, newly this year on the ground of faculty      (SAF)
  • Countless number of masked situations with first aid need for our members

Excursions, workshops, lectures:

  • ARK – airway secure workshop
  • Emergency service – ambulance tour, acquitance with its equipment and with work in emergency service
  • Air Rescue Service - helicopter tour, acquitance with its equipment and with work in air rescue service
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics - workshop "Childbirth in the field", after a short introduction, everybody tried several times to deliver a baby
    on a realistic model
  • CLS - workshop on combat medicine including practical training and presentation of soldiers equipment
  • PČR - 2 days under the leadership of Police; it means psychology, principles of safety, practice in self defense, weapons and demonstration of their range, practical nursing training in hazardous environments and much more.
  • Seminar of Section of Young Doctors Society for Emergency Medicine
  • Seminars on emergency medical rescue service organized by the city of Pilsen
  • Swimming pool - rescue drowning practical training under the guidance of an experienced lifeguard

We take a part in competitions, representate a fakulty and gain experiences:

We cooperate with:

  • Medical faculty in Pilsen UK in Prague
    • Day of the open door, …
    • Week of science – competition and lectures
  • Police of Czech republic
    • Police training, workshops
  • Czech red Cross
    • First aid assistance on variety of occasions
    • Organisation of 16 competitions in first aid for basic school kids


We always welcome new members. Come and see. :-)



Facebook: Life Saving Support o.s., email:, web:

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