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Czech dental student association (SSSČR) is voluntary a non – profit organization. This association is for all the dental students throughout the Czech Republic. It was founded in 2000 in order to give the dental students an opportunity to go on internships abroad.

The current goal is to help students in their professional growth, to offer them the opportunity to diversify their professional and student life and to create a good team of future generations of dentists in our country.

Exchange programs

Today we are members of the International Association of Dental Students (IADS), through which we organize exchange programs for our and foreign Exchange students. Thanks to this, each of our members can go on an internship abroad. IADS will then issue him with a certificate of experience.

Science and research

Within the International Association of Students of Dentistry IADS, a Standing Committee on Research and Education (SCORE) was established in 1993. SCORE's role is to support the development of clinical, theoretical and research skills of dental students.

Scientific internships

Our organization gives students a unique chance to participate in the research itself, thanks to international research internships organized within the IDRP (International Dental Research Program). 14 countries with unique research projects are now involved in this program. IDRP works in the same way as other exchange programs based on a bilateral agreement.

Students who will have the opportunity to participate in the project will be selected according to their abilities by the project leader. The National Scientific Officers and Local Scientific Officers team is in charge of the entire program and the smooth process of the internships.

Seminars and other events

SSSČR tries to represent the interests of students in professional and lay public. We cooperate with the Czech Dental Chamber (ČSK). We organize educational events for our members, where we make sure that they can practically try out new materials or procedures. We also try to provide students with discounted admissions to seminars and lectures organized by other organizations.

Preventive programs

We also try to pass on our experience and knowledge, which is why we participate in preventive programs such as World oral health day or Healthy Tooth in a Healthy Czech Republic. In these days students teach people, how to care of there teeth.

Social events

Last but not least, our duty and also pleasure is to organize social events, such as Dental ball, Congres or On waves of Listerin, where we canoeing on Vltava and in the evening we teach in camps.


Twice a year, the Association publishes the student magazine StuDent, which is online and is distributed to all members free of charge. This magazine contains professional articles, news, invitations to professional events and contributions about internships abroad.

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Zuzana Kadlečíková
Univerzita Karlova, Plzeň
tel.: +420 773 685 496


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