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Opening ceremony at the new campus and the 77th anniversary of the founding of the faculty

Academics, guests from the ranks of politicians and public administration, representatives of construction contractors and other guests gathered on Tuesday, November 8, at a festive gathering in the new faculty building to mark the 77th anniversary of the founding of the faculty and to symbolically launch the operation of the completed University Medical Centre. Its construction began in 2012, with the first phase completed in 2014. Now all theoretical medical teaching has moved to the modern campus in Lochotín.

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Facultas Nostra 2022, December - Editorial

People say that the years ending with an 8 have a special meaning for the Czech country. The years 1848, 1918, 1938, 1948 and 1968 have always represented a historical turning point that influenced our society for a long time. The years 1939 and 1989, in particular, are associated with the month of November, where students, especially university students, played a dominant historical role. November is also intertwined with other historical dates that have influenced developments in our countries for a long time.

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Facultas nostra - February 2023

Here is a summary of information from the latest issue of the faculty magazine. For the first time in an electronic version in English. 

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Prof. Pavel Fiala memorial Charity Run

More than a year after the untimely death of Ass. Prof. RNDr. Pavel Fiala, CSc., his legacy lives on in the hearts of those who knew him. For those who met him, as well as for those who were not so lucky, the international students of our faculty organized an event in which they remembered the memory of an excellent anatomist and a popular pedagogue who, as vice-dean for parallel teaching in English, was in charge of foreign students and went through their stay in Pilsen with them from their admission to the faculty to their graduation. 

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Street Medics in Pilsen

"Medics on the street" is a student association that helps homeless people. Students, often in cooperation with social workers from other low-threshold organizations, ensure the running of low-threshold clinics or go out into the field themselves. 

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Day in a wheelchair with the Paraple Centre tested the accessibility of the campus

On Thursday, November 24, visitors to our campus experienced increased movement of wheelchair users on campus. This was thanks to an outreach event by the Paraple Center, a well-known non-profit that helps people in wheelchairs after spinal cord injury and their families cope with difficult life situations.

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Facultas Nostra 2022, October - Editorial

We are bringing an English digest of the new issue of the magazine Facultas nostra.Our new campus, where medical classes started for the first time on October 3rd after the summer move, shines on the front page of the printed issue. Students kicked off the semester in their own way: they organized the Launch of the Campus, a spectacular outdoor party with live music. We also bring the news about other faculty affairs and, of course, the Dean’s editorial. Enjoy reading!

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Do we nourish our patients correctly? Internationally significant results from Pilsen intensivists.

Facultas nostra 2022, October

Nutrition of critically ill patients is a key part of complex treatment. What should be the optimal nutritional composition in terms of the amount of energy and protein in the various phases of the critical state remains an open question.

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Looking back at the IFMSA General Assembly

Facultas nostra 2022, October

In the spring of 2022, we had the honor to organize the General Assembly of IFMSA CZ here in Pilsen. The event was very successful, as over 130 members from all branches of IFMSA came to us, discussed, made decisions and voted, but also (we hope) enjoyed the training sessions, had fun, met new people and last but not least they discovered a little bit of the beauty of our beloved Pilsen

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Launching of a new campus

Facultas nostra 2022, October

Launching of a new campus is once in lifetime experience for us students, and maybe not even that! We were very lucky to be there with all of you on Monday, October 3! We are very glad that you came in such large numbers, and we hope that you enjoyed the whole event. Thanks also go to the CU Rector and the Dean of the Faculty, not only for coming to see us, but also for their beautiful words. All that remains is to wish that we all like the new campus and experience only success in it!

For the team of organizers

David Kverka and Karel Mikulčák

More about event: https://lfp.cuni.cz/clanek/6267-new-campus-launched.html



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Summer School of Single Cell Analysis

Facultas nostra 2022, October

At the beginning of September a second international summer school that deals with advanced analysis of single cells took place – Summer School of Single Cell. Two Pilsen research centres teamed up to organise it – Biomedical Center, Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen and a NTIS Research Centre, Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. Both centres provided students with an exceptional offer to understand tumor and immunity cells right in the laboratories.

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Facultas Nostra 2022, June – Editorial

Dear colleagues,

I am sending you all a spring greeting from the pages of the magazine Facultas nostra, which is being created between the walls of the dean´s office on Husova street for the last time. In the summer, moving to the new building Unimec II will take place. We are leaving place where a whole generations of doctors, our parents, colleagues and students have studied. 

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We say goodbye to old buildings

Facultas nostra 2022, June 

Almost from the very beginning of the existence of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, generations of its students went through the buildings "Procháskáč" and "Pavlák", in which - among others – the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen had its seat. Students that will start their first year in October this year will be the first to no longer visit these buildings. The construction of the new campus in Lochotín is completed, moving awaits us in the summer. "The end of an era," people say at such moments. In this farewell, let us recall the history associated with the Procháska and Pavlov institutes.

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What is happening at the construction site?

Facultas nostra 2022, June 

Dear readers, 

Since the last publication in February 2018, we have been bringing you this section, which brings you closer to what is happening around the construction of our new campus. We started with the report on cutting the trees on the land next to the building of Department of Languages. The land was being prepared to be handed over to the construction company, which was not even known yet, because a selection procedure was yet to come. After four years, this is the last article. The term „construction site“ is no longer relevant for our campus. The building is complete, we received an approval from the Building Authority between May and June. 

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Cancer research reigned over Javorná for the eleventh time

Facultas Nostra 2022, June 

From May 20th to 22nd, another instalment of the regular scientific meeting took place, bringing together collaborating research teams of not only the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen but also experts from the Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Czech Academy of Sciences and from the National Institute of Public Health. The meeting called The Benefits of Pharmacogenomics for the Diagnostics and Treatment of Generalized Colorectal Carcinoma was held for the eleventh time close to the natural wonders of the Šumava National Park near the village of Čachrov. In total, 43 researchers participated, including also our new foreign colleagues and students this year. 

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Rector’s Sports Day 2022

Facultas Nostra 2022, June 

On Wednesday, May 11, a traditional sports day took place at the entire Charles University – a day when the rector announces the cancellation of classes and invites all students, as well as employees to play sports together. The Institute of Physical Education took over the organization in Pilsen again. Its staff has prepared competitions for students and staff in several disciplines. 

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68th Mid Year Meeting IADS in Jordan

Facultas Nostra 2022, June 

From 9th to 16th February, the 68th Mid Year Meeting IADS (International Association of Dental Students) took place in Jordan. Delegates from many student organisations from all around the world took part in it. We had the chance to represent the Czech Republic and our student organisation SSSČR (Czech Dental Student Association). The representatives for our country were the president of the student association Zuzana Kadlečíková as a deputy delegate and a National Scientific Officer Jana Panochová. 

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Do you look forward to the new canteen?

Facultas nostra 2022, April 

One of the necessities of a modern campus is a place where staff and students are be able to satisfy their taste buds and spend time in a pleasant modern environment, whether during breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This place will be our new canteen. You will find it on the two floors of the Dean's Office wing. There will be modern, automatic appliances, with an efficient layout and a high standard of hygienic safety, which are comparable to the performance of the best kitchens. Cooling and freezing boxes are equipped with sensors for central control of cooling and freezing processes. Large-capacity multifunctional cooking appliances with gentle processing of raw materials or automatic meat processing are an example of what modern kitchens will look like in the future. The combi ovens can be controlled from a computer or from home with a mobile application that will allow cooking even overnight. The kitchen is also equipped with a modern ceiling exhaust hood. The entire ceiling is made of stainless steel and can be very easily disassembled and washed in a dishwasher.

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Would you like to live a long and healthy life? Then walk!

Facultas nostra 2022, April

According to accessible statistical data, an average American walks 3-4 thousand steps a day. This will probably also apply to an average Czech (or let’s say an average employee or a student of our faculty).

It is clear that modern population does not meet the recommendation of the WHO of taking 10 thousand steps a day. It is true that this recommendation has been based more on experts’ views rather than on solid scientific data. Nevertheless, Lancet Journal brings now a large meta-analysis of 15 other studies aiming at the correlation between the number of steps per day and mortality hazard.

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How is the living with medical students?

Facultas nostra 2022, April

Everyone who has the “luck” to have a medical student – medic – friend or even lives with one, will realize, in time, that this cohabitation brings many responsibilities with it, and not all are pleasant to a human. Actually, none is.

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Faculty campus construction makes progress, saw the Rector

Facultas nostra 2022, April

On Monday 21 March, Rector of CU prof. Milena Králíčková visited our Faculty with her team in order to acquaint with the progress in the construction of the new campus. Being the former vice-dean for Faculty development the Rector herself has been well acknowledged with the development plan of the Faculty. Now the other members of the new Rector’s Board also had the opportunity to familiarize with the plans and inspect the progress on the spot.

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I Have a Dream

Facultas nostra 2022, April – Editorial

As a well-bred schoolchild and pioneer, I spent the summer of 1968 on a family vacation in Sochi. An organized tour with my Mom to the coastal sanatorium Zarja, from where the sea was only 300 steps away welcoming us by a mass warm-up exercise from a loudspeaker. After our arrival from the sunny seaside resort at the Black Sea, I stayed with my grandma in Prague where I enjoyed not only the ZOO, but also museums, mainly the Technical Museum.

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