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Medicína srdcem is a podcast of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, where doctors, students, patients, in short, people who have something to say on the topic of health are invited. The podcast is hosted by Terezie Zelenková, a student of general medicine, who also prepares individual episodes. Every 14 days, she talks to the guests about their personal lives, experiences and various topics in the field of medicine and healthy lifestyle.

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Podcast - Episode 45: MUDr. Andrea Kunschová & Mgr. Stanislav Machač, Ph.D.

We invited MUDr. Andrea Kunschová, head of the medical rehabilitation department of the FN Plzeň, and Mgr. Stanislav Machač, Ph.D., physiotherapist and member of the VR Medical development team. We talk about the use of virtual reality in rehabilitation, how the patients perceive this method, but also about their own path to physiotherapy and rehabilitation. 

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Podcast - Episode 46: Alexandra Borská

The next episode of the podcast Medicína srdcem is devoted to the topic of para swimming. The guest is Alexandra Borská, a junior representative who reached the limit for the World Championships in Manchester 2023 and the Summer Paralympic Games in Paris in 2024.

9. únor 2023 33 cyp

Podcast - Episode 44: Linda Pacourková

Today's episode is dedicated to Bechterev's disease, a chronic rheumatic inflammatory disease. The invitation to the podcast was accepted by Linda Pacourková, author of the book Život s Béďou (Life with Béďa).

12. leden 2023 28 cyp

Podcast - Episode 43: Veronika Staňková

Dentistry student Veronika Staňková was invited to this episode. She is an author of articles for the website, musician, member of the Medics in the Street association, but also a volunteer of the Hodonín charity, with which she recently went to the Romanian Banat.

29. prosinec 2022 48 cyp

Medicína srdcem - Episode 39: Prof. Ing. Jaroslav Hrabák, Ph.D.

Prof. Ing. Jaroslav Hrabák, Ph.D. talks about antibiotics, bacterial resistance and the effects on our health. He also touches on the issue of recommended procedures and guidelines for the diagnosis of infections and the use of antibiotics.

3. listopad 2022 119 cyp

Medicína srdcem - Episode 40: Bc. Světla Chaloupková

Bc. Světla Chaloupková accepted the invitation to today's interview. We mainly talk about how parenting and medicine can be combined. She tells us about her path to medicine, her beginnings at the faculty and her pregnancy.

18. listopad 2022 109 cyp

Medicína srdcem - Episode 38: MUDr. Václav Šimánek Ph.D.

The director of the University Hospital in Pilsen MUDr. Václav Šimánek Ph.D. accepted the invitation to this episode. We talk about his path to medicine, the beginnings as a hospital manager, but also about its future. 

27. říjen 2022 924 cyp

Medicína srdcem - Episode 38: MUDr. Petr Švec

The dentist MUDr. Petr Švec accepted the invitation to this episode. We talked primarily about the principles of oral hygiene, the issue of amalgam fillings, but also about his attitude towards a holistic approach in medicine.

25. říjen 2022 193 cyp

Medicína srdcem - Episode 37: Mgr. Tereza Hrušková

Mgr. Tereza Hrušková (instagram: @kpsychologovi), psychologist and author of the project "K psychologovi and the project "Nekašli na sebe" accepted the invitation We talk about managing emotions, stress, and how to optimally set your regime.

25. říjen 2022 165 cyp

Medicína srdcem - Episode 36: MUDr. Libor Hradecký, Ph.D

MUDr. Libor Hradecký, Ph.D. accepted the invitation to today's episode. He is a gynecologist and he specializes  in reproductive medicine. Together we open the topic of infertility, assisted reproduction and other related issues.

25. říjen 2022 189 cyp

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