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Rector's information on the progress of CU in relation to the development of the coronavirus epidem

Teaching at faculties and operation of Dormitories and Refectories

At the moment, the CU management does not find any reason for the general or local cancellation of teaching due to the absence of confirmed infection at Charles University. For the same reason, Dormitories and Refectories continue to operate in the standard mode.
Students or staff who stayed in risk areas for study or private reasons (according to current information published by the competent authorities) are advised to follow the opinion of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, ie to stay at home and contact your GP (for foreigner student from Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen - MUDr. Viktor Vojtěch, vojtechv@fnplzen.cz; telephone 377 401 111) or regional department of epidemiology (for the Pilsen region with headquarters in Pilsen by telephone: 377 155 209, -205, -204, -106, -100; http://khsplzen.cz/informace/1909-doplnujici-informace-pro-obcany-plz-kraje-v-souvislosti-s-coronavirem.html, English version), and follow their instructions. The physician / epidemiologist of the relevant hygiene centre will decide what to do next. For students, colleagues or employees from abroad, rector recommends contacting the centre in Prague: Na Bulovce Hospital's Department of Infectious, Parasitic and Tropical Diseases, which provides relevant information and recommendations in English.

Holding cultural and social events
Given the current situation in the Czech Republic, the CU management recommends not to cancel planned cultural and social events of faculties and universities. At the same time, it appeals to all participants and guests not to participate in these events if they have returned from risk areas or have acute health problems. The UK management guarantees the admission refund for these persons.

Scientific activities
The above-mentioned procedure, which is described for cultural and social events, is also recommended for conferences or other scientific activities.
At the same time, however, it is recommended that the participation of people resident or staying in risk areas should be individually discussed, with the suggestion that such persons should not participate in the events.

All the above recommendations are made by the UK management in relation to the current situation. If further developments and worsening of the situation in the Czech Republic occur, they may be changed.


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