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Residency permits and visa prolongation

  • If the student has visa with validity period shorter than one year, he/she can extend it up to 1 year (which is the maximum duration of this type of visa). He/she can apply for the extension in person at regional offices on the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic or via post (how to extend a long-term visa). Student who was already granted by a long-term visa can also directly apply for a long-term residence permit for the purpose of “studies”. This new application has to be made in person at an OPC´s office (how to lodge a new application for a long-term visa).
  • If a student already has long-term residence for purpose of “studies” which validity is expiring soon, he/she can extend it in person or via post (how to extend a long-term residence permit). This is applied only in case the student continues his/her studies at the same school/university.
  • In some cases there is an application fee required. If you send your application via post, please do not forget to attach fee stamps of respective value. More information can be found under corresponding hyperlinks. Overview of fees can be found here.


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