COVID-19 report.

1. Is it true that the beginning of present practical teaching changes from the original date the 5th of April to the new one the 29th of March?

So far, the deadline is in the solution, in principle, if the 4th and 5th year students are tested, it would be possible. Students will receive the decision of the faculty management by e-mail.

2. If a student has the opportunity to use his / her purchased antigen tests for testing, will this option be accepted?

The student can be tested at another sampling point, designated for this purpose. It must be on the same day as the group scheduled at UNIMEC to ensure continuity. If the student is tested elsewhere, he/she must send a scan confirmation to the study department in the relevant week no later than Friday at 12 noon. Self-testing at home is not permitted.

3. Will the Covid-19 certificate be issued to me by a general practitioner, or where should I get it?

Yes, the certificate should be issued to you by the GP or hospital you went to.

4. What about the 6th year, which has experience outside the University Hospital. Do we have to have an antigen test to perform the State Exam?

The testing applies to a clinical practice, so you do not have to be tested to hold the State Exam.

5. If a student has an exam on the day and time of the testing of his circle, due to which he will not be able to attend the test, it means that he/she will not be able to take classes for 7 days (if it is not possible to go to the test at another time with another group)?

The student must arrange the test at another sampling point if he/she wants to take classes at the University Hospital Pilsen for the next seven days.

6. Do we need a negative antigen test for an exam term held at the teaching hospital? And if a test is needed, how do I do it when I have an exam e.g. on Thursday (25th) and my group has a deadline on Friday (26th)?

There is no need to be tested to hold the exam.

7. If a student has a shift at the hospital on the day he/she is enrolled to test other students and cancels the shift because he/she has not found a replacement, will he be reimbursed for that shift? (this is a work duty)

Of course, work duty takes precedence. We would prefer the student to find a replacement for himself for testing. If this is not possible, the student contacts the study department regarding the compensation agreement.

8. In the next 3 weeks the teaching will still be held remotely, and I'm not from Pilsen (I don't even stay here at the moment), do I have to travel to the Czech Republic for testing?

If you arrange a test at your place of residence, you do not have to travel.

9. What method of collection will it be?

Antigen test - nasal swab.

10. If my group will have a collection on Monday, for example, but on this day I will not be able to get to the test (or to another sampling point), but I will have lessons, for example, on Wednesday, why is the test performed on Tuesday not enough? I understand that a test with a maximum age of 7 days is always required for teaching, but why are you clinging to a specific day?

A specific day is needed so that you can join the UNIMEC testing dates in the next week. If you go on another day, you must arrange the tests yourself for the duration of the requirement of a teaching hospital.

11. Will an antigenic test performed by a general practitioner offering this option to his patients be accepted?

Yes, send the scan to the study department.

12. Do I have to take part in testing even if I do not have any practical training at the University Hospital in a given week?

Of course, if you don't have classes next week, you don't have to take the test.

13. If a particular group in the 5th year has distance block teaching, would it not be possible for the other tested grades to test themselves without the presence of the 5th year? So that students who are at home do not have to travel to Pilsen and back for several hours due to others?

No, only 5th and 6th year students can test. If the test taker should only commute for testing, we recommend finding a replacement and reporting a change to the Study Department.

14. Can I go to testing with another group if I always go at the same time and with the same group?

No, the groups are divided according to the number of students in the group, so that the sampling point can handle the influx of students.

15. Every week I am tested by the hospital where I am employed, unfortunately it does not always come out on the day of testing my group, is it really a problem? What confirmation should they give me or have I sign that I took the test?

You would have to arrange the tests continuously so that you do not have a delay and are not in the hospital on the day when the test no longer applies to you. Scan confirmation of the performed test has to be sent to the Study Department by each Friday at 12.00 noon.

16. I am in the sixth year outside Pilsen, they do not test me at the faculty and finding a date quickly in another place is a problem. Will there be more exam dates? (possibly also for positive / quarantined students). We are in contact every day as a regular staff, but the students are not vaccinated, we do not have any contracts with the hospital, so it cannot even take place.

The testing applies to a clinical practice, so you do not have to be tested to hold the State Exam.

17. Will the faculty provide us with protective equipment when we test?

Yes, protective equipment will be available.

18. The 5th year students have the opportunity to finally get to clinical teaching, which is the main content of the 5th year of the study, does it mean that 4 people from the group, who provides the testing, will always lose the only possible teaching in the University Hospital during the morning?

Yes, we have a duty to test students and we need help from students to ensure full-time teaching.

19. Why will it be tested on Monday, when the teaching is to be from the 29th and people will have to go to the tests again on the 29th and the system will just be overwhelmed?

If you want. o enter the hospital on Monday 29.3, you must have a negative test. The lists are sent to the University Hospital in Pilsen on the Friday before the start of the next week.

20. If I decide to get tested elsewhere, do I have to show up to test others?

Yes, if you are on the schedule of services, then yes, or you must find a replacement for yourself and report it to the study department.

21. Is it still true that the form of teaching (distance / full-time) is determined by the guarantor of the subject? - i.e. in the case of distance learning, there is no need to attend mass testing?

Yes, but new information from faculty management is coming, please check the Faculty web-page regularly.

22. Why is it not possible to test on another day until the start of classes? In the vast majority of collection points, reservation capacities are filled for weeks in advance, and for non-Pilsen ones this is a completely useless journey.

The plan is for a several study years, this plan must be followed due to the seven-day cycle for further testing.

23. Is/will there be in any way provided/ or is it at least in the proces of solution the vaccination of faculty students?

Yes, the situation is being resolved by the deans of the medical faculties with the Ministry of Health.

24. If a student is tested positive, what are the rules? Will he/she be forced to replace his/her teaching or will he/she take a self-study (eg moodle, mefanet ...)?

It is the same as with any other disease.

25. What rules will apply to quarantined students?

It is the same as with any other disease.

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